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Published: January 20, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Monte brings in former Natus Vincere player Viktor “?sdy?” Orudzhev
  • He comes to fill the gap made by the benching of Frederik “?Fessor?” Sørensen
  • Lmbt is appointed as the team’s new head coach

The Ukrainian esports organization Monte has put the final touches to its rebuilt CS:GO roster by signing Viktor “?sdy?” Orudzhev and coach Sergey “?lmbt?” Bezhanov. 

Sdy Joins Monte

After weeks of rebuilding, Monte has announced it has completed its CS:GO team. The organization brought aboard the last player it needed – the former Natus Vincere 25-year-old rifler Viktor “?sdy?” Orudzhev. He fills in the gap left by Frederik “?Fessor?” Sørensen, whom Monte benched last week amidst the Dane’s health issues. 

It should not come as a surprise that Monte signed sdy, as the player had already been seen playing officials with the team earlier this week. If one goes by the early showings, it seems that the player has already found his place in the team, as he helped Monte achieve its first victory over Apeks in ESL Challenger League Season 44.

Sdy entered free agency after leaving Natus Vincere last year. During his time in NaVi, sdy was on trial for six months before he was replaced by former NAVI Junior member Andrii “?npl?” Kukharskyi. This was supposed to be just for a few maps at the BLAST Premier World Final, but as they say, there are no permanent solutions like temporary solutions. 

Monte Signs Lmbt

The last piece Monte needed to complete its roster was a new coach, whom the organization found in Sergey “?lmbt?” Bezhanov. The 35-year-old takes over the spot vacated by Aidyn “?KrizzeN?” Turlybekov, who was in charge of the squad during the latter part of 2022. Monte’s announcement came shortly after the team revealed it has signed sdy as their final rifler. 

Before joining Monte, lmbt worked with TITANS until early October 2022, when the majority of the roster was transfer listed. But his resume does not end there, as the new head coach has also managed MOUZ, with whom he won ESL One New York 2018, and HellRaisers between 2016 and 2019.

lmbt’s first challenge at his newest position will be in Monte’s Elisa Invitational Winter 2023 Contenders second-round game against BIG Academy on Thursday, January 19. Monte’s international team now looks like this:

  • Volodymyr “?Woro2k?” Veletniuk
  • Sergiy “?DemQQ?” Demchenko
  • Jordan Mohammad “?BOROS?” Malhas
  • Szymon “?kRaSnaL?” Mrozek
  • Viktor “?sdy?” Orudzhev

Sergey “?lmbt?” Bezhanov (Coach)

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