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Published: April 25, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • TeamOne parts ways with its veteran AWPer and in-game leader
  • Maluk3 said the main reason for his departure was the expiration of his contract
  • The organization’s future on the professional CS:GO scene now seems very uncertain

TeamOne is losing even more players from its CS:GO roster after 31-year-old veteran pro Pedro “?Maluk3?” Campos left the organization.

Maluk3 and TeamOne Part Ways

Brazilian esports organization TeamOne’s CS:GO division has been through a lot of turbulence over the past few weeks. The latest trouble that the organization is facing is the departure of their veteran AWP-er and in-game leader Pedro “?Maluk3?” Campos, leaving the team with only two active members.

The 31-year-old player’s departure from TeamOne was first announced by the organization’s co-CEO Alexandre “kakaveL?” Peres on April 21 in a livestream. The move will most likely send significant shockwaves through TeamOne, as Maluk3 was a crucial part of the organization since 2015 when TeamOne first entered competitive CS:GO.

During the almost eight years that Maluk3 spent with the Brazilian organization, he has played a whopping 1217 maps. In addition, the veteran CS:GO player has overseen the team’s relocation from Brazil to North America and represented them at several international tournaments. 

TeamOne’s most recent performance on the international stage was at the BLAST Paris Major 2023 Americas RMR. Unfortunately for them, they were eliminated with a 0-2 score. Part of the reason for this is probably the fact that TeamOne parted ways with coach Peacemaker right on the eve of the tournament, which is yet another one of the team’s troubles it has been going through in recent weeks.

Maluk3 said that the main reason for his departure from TeamOne was his contract expiring. “Life is made of cycles and the moment to close this cycle has come, now at LOS oNe. My contract expired and it won’t be renewed,” Maluk3 wrote in a statement. “A really hard decision I took recently, which involves some things, but I think is the best thing for me at the moment,” he explained.

Despite the departure from TeamOne, Maluk3 leaves with positivity. “I leave absolutely with my head up. It’s time to breathe new air and with my eyes set on CS2, as I still got many dreams to still accomplish as a player and I’m looking for new challenges. With this being said, I’m a Free Agent and I’m open to offers!”

Meanwhile, TeamOne’s future seems uncertain as the organization is now left with just two active members after Maluk3’s departure. TeamOne’s CS:GO roster currently looks like this:

  • Alencar “?trk?” Rossato
  • Mario “?malbsMd?” Samayoa

Matheus “?pesadelo?” Panisset (benched)

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