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Published: February 28, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Lynn Vision join TheMongolz as the Asian representatives for the main tournament
  • It’s the first time since 2021 that a Chinese team qualified for a big PGL event
  • LV did not begin the match on a great footing, but quickly turned the tables on Grayhound

LV win second place at the PGL Major Copenhagen: Asia-Pacific RMR to secure a berth for the main event being held in March.

Lynn Vision Defeat Grayhound

Only a few weeks separate us from the start of the PGL Major in Copenhagen and teams are busy duking it out with one another to secure a spot for the coveted event. Chinese esports organization Lynn Vision Gaming did this earlier today after coming in at second place at the Asia-Pacific RMR after they defeated Grayhound Gaming 2-1.

With this victory, Lynn Vision joins Mongolian team TheMongolz as the Asian representatives for the main tournament. This also marks the first time a Chinese organization has made it to Counter-Strike’s biggest stage since TYLOO qualified for PGL Major Stockholm in 2021.

Before the final match of the RMR, LV started their day with a loss to TheMongolz, who became the winners of the Asia-Pacific RMR. However, the Chinese organization bounced back in their last encounter against Grayhound, who had to make it past ATOX in the lower bracket final.

Speaking of Greyhound, the defeat is a heartbreaking end to Australian teams always making the Major (or the Major Qualifier) from the RMRs. There has always been a representative from the country at every big PGL event since the one from Krakow in 2017.

Here’s How the Match Went

During Vertigo, the first map, Grayhond consistently had the upper hand and kept a stable advantage over their opponents, which eventually grew to a 13-6 victory for the Australian team. In an interview after the match, LV’s coach Yifei “⁠GUM⁠” Dai said Vertigo was one of the squad’s weakest maps because they have simply not trained a lot on it. This is because most teams in Asia stopped playing it.

However, LV had a much better start on Anubis as they managed to keep things relatively balanced until the eighth round. From then on, the Chinese team started to dictate how the game was going They quickly strung seven rounds running across the half to set themselves up for victory. Grayhound responded with a short three-round streak of their own, but that was simply not enough, as their opponents jumped back into action to secure Anubis 13-7.

With both teams recording one convincing map each, Counter-Strike 2 fans were expecting a close third and final encounter on Nuke. However, they must have been disappointed as Lynn Vision presented a one-sided affair that ended quickly with the Chinese team recording a whopping 13-2 advantage.

“It’s like a dream and it came true, so everybody is speechless right now,” GUM said after the match. “Some of our players have spent years, six or seven years, in Counter-Strike, and they never reached the RMR or made a sticker. If you count those years, this is so unbelievable.”

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