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Published: January 25, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The team defeated GamerLegion 2-0 and proceeded to Group B’s finals
  • GL took the early lead on most initial rounds but consistently failed to keep the momentum
  • GL will now have to face FaZe, whom they already defeated once on Wednesday

After almost fumbling against an understrength Spirit on Wednesday, Liquid faced GamerLegion and had a much easier time against them.

Liquid Defeat GamerLegion

The BLAST Premier Spring Groups are cruising to their finals and teams are duking it out to win a spot for the finals of their respective groups. Team Liquid is one of the lucky ones as the organization recently defeated GamerLegion to secure their place in the Group B finals.

It’s a breath of fresh air for Liquid, who almost lost to Spirit on Wednesday, a thing that could have been even more devastating, considering the latter’s patchwork roster. Two members of Spirit’s team missed BLAST Spring Groups due to Visa issues, forcing the team to play with substitutes. Despite that, they proved to be more than a challenge for Liquid.

However, Liquid clawed through the match, which saw both teams trade rounds on all three maps played. Not only that but each map was played until the very end, with the score difference not being more than three rounds, which is way too close for comfort. Still, Liquid persevered, which led them to their Upper Bracket Finals encounter with GamerLegion, against whom they had a much easier time, ending the match with a 2-0 score and a lot of leeway at both maps played.

Here’s How the Match Went

Despite eventually losing the match, GL took the early lead on their T-side on Overpass thanks to a trio of Glock frags by Isak “⁠isak⁠” Fahlén in the pistol round. The teams then proceeded to trade rounds, leading many viewers to believe the match would be a repeat of what happened on Wednesday against Spirit. However, Liquid was to disprove that as the team eventually took control of the situation and remained dominant for the rest of the half which they ended with a stable 8-4 lead.

After the sides switched, GL once again took the pistol round but were unable to keep the momentum and turn the tides of battle. The following round saw Liquid retake the lead which they kept throughout the rest of the map, giving GL little room to maneuver. Liquid thein quickly finished Overpass with a strong 13-6 lead.

The match moved to Mirage, which was bad news for GL, as the team had lost seven of the last eight games played on the map. However, they were determined to keep things competitive and put in a respectable CT display as the first half ended all square. Unfortunately, the curse came back once the sides switched, as Liquid retook control and strung seven rounds together to finish the map 13-7.

Now, GamerLegion are set to fight for survival in the event against FaZe. Interestingly, GL already defeated FaZe on Wednesday, despite going into the match as the underdogs. It remains to see if they can repeat that feat and win the opportunity to go up against Liquid and get revenge at the Group B Grands Finals.

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