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Published: January 23, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Team Liquid dominates Complexity on two maps
  • Liquid finishes the first map with a spectacular 16-2
  • Complexity gains more traction on map two but it was not enough

Team Liquid sends Complexity to the last-chance qualifier for the BLAST Premier Spring Final after defeating the team 2-0 on Anubis and Overpass. 

Liquid Dominates Complexity

Team Liquid has been looking for a rematch against G2 whom they fell against 0-2 in their opening match of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups. But before the team gets a chance to redeem themselves, they had to go through Complexity, which they did in a spectacularly one-sided match. 

Complexity have not been fairing woo well this season, having already suffered a loss to FaZe Clan. Their latest match against Liquid, which they lost 0-2, sends Complexity to the knock-out stage and a last-place finish in their group. The team will now have a last chance to qualify for the Spring Final. Their task is not going to be easy, as Complexity will have to win two best-of-threes, including one over the second-place team from Group C.

How Did the Game Go?

Things did not go well for Complexity from the very start of the match. Although the team had the advantage of picking the first map, choosing Anubis, their decision backfired. Liquid quickly took the initiative and absolutely dominated their opponents, with Complexity only managing to take two rounds at the tail end of their T-side effort. These were the only two rounds Complexity won, ending the map in a dismal 16-2. 

After the match, Michael “?Grim?” Wince, explained why Complexity picked Anubis, stating that the team had dominated this map in practice games. The team might have felt comfortable on the map, but it seems they’ll have to go back to the drawing board after this performance in order to find another comfortable pick. 

Complexity did not have much more luck at the start of the second map – Overpass. The game once again began with Liquid gaining a huge lead, winning eight rounds. But as the scoreboard showed 8-1, there was a ray of hope for Complexity, who managed to drudge five rounds before the end of the half. The team evened out the score during the second pistol round, but that inertia was not enough to keep Complexity going. The team faltered to a force-buy from Liquid in the ensuing round. 

Pistol rounds came to Liquid’s aid as the team seemed to dominate every such round. Four advantageous rounds were squandered by Johnny “?JT?” Theodosiou’s side as Liquid pushed onward to victory. Although Complexity performed well in gun rounds, this was simply not enough and the team was left with a heartbreaking 16-12 game on Overpass. 

Complexity will now have one last chance to qualify for the spring final.

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