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Published: March 16, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Let us cook had a tough slog to get to the match with Fnatic
  • Meanwhile, Fnatic had received an invite directly to the playoffs of the event
  • Despite that, the underdogs defeated fnatic 2-1

Fnatic did not expect that a relatively unknown team would eliminate them from the CCT North Europe Series 4.

Fnatic Leaves the Tournament

Viewers of CCT North Europe Series 4 saw a real David vs Goliath showdown as underdogs Let us cook eliminated one of the best teams in the world. But this is what happened when the relatively obscure Polish-Romanian team Let us cook eliminated fnatic from the tournament in the playoffs round of 16.

Of course, it was not an easy win for Let us cook, as the match extended the whole three maps. Both teams traded rounds before Janusz “?Snax?” Pogorzelski’s men managed to squeeze out a victory on the Mirage decider, 16-14.

So far, the whole tournament has been difficult for the Polish-Romanian combine, with the team having to byali as a stand-in shortly after Mikkel “?Maze?” Sparvath left the team for trials with Sprout. Perhaps this played a part in Let us cook suffering losses to VOYVODA and Sangal, which placed them in front of an early elimination in the Swiss group stage. However, the team managed to claw their way back by securing wins over Endpoint, Illuminar, and Viperio to make it to the playoffs. 

While Let us cook was struggling to stay alive on the CCT, fnatic’s story could not be any more different. The team received an invite directly to the playoffs and were the highest-ranked team in attendance. This makes Let us cook’s victory over fnatic even harder-hitting for the latter, as they proved unable to defeat a relatively unknown and underdog team.

Fnatic managed to win their own pick of Nuke to kick off the series, but only just, as their opponents were breathing in their necks from the beginning. But this all soon changed with the second map, Vertigo, which Let us cook took with a landslide 16-6. The game was about to be decided on the last map, Mirage. Fnatic, already shaken by the previous defeat at the hands of the underdog Polish-Romanian team, started the last map with a massive deficit of 12-3. It was only then that the team woke up and quickly closed the gap.

However, just as it looked like the favorite team would regain its honor, Let us cook snatched the map with a few quick rounds, ending Mirage 16-14 and winning the series against fnatic 2-1.

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