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Published: May 12, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • CS:GO player bases around the world per capita of the population reveal some interesting trends
  • Denmark holds a fraction of the CS:GO player base but its highest per capita numbers
  • Russia has the biggest share of players but falls way behind in terms of per capita metrics

A newly-published data by CS:GO analytics website Leetify has shed some interesting data on what the most densely-populated countries are in terms of CS:GO players.

CS:GO analytics website Leetify has produced an interesting statistics delving into the per capita of Counter-Strike players around the world. If you have ever asked yourself how many players of Valve’s timeless classic there are per one million people in your country, Leetify has the answer.

The data has been compiled to feature stats from 53 countries and 7 million unique players who have used matchmaking to connect with others to play at least once. In other words, Leetify has been able to reliably draw its samples from 90% of the total CS:GO population.

Denmark and the Nordics Dominate

Leetify’s stats is actually very interesting with Denmark numbering 78,892 active CS:GO players as per the company’s data and sitting as the global peak, probably because of how popular Astralis, the local esports franchise, is and not least because of, the Denmark-based CS:GO community and website.

Russia makes Part 1 of the list with 21,760 players, well below the numbers posted by Nordic countries such as Sweden and Finland with 55,273 and 76,873 respectively. Estonia itself has quite the sizable player base with some 77,260 players in total.

Turkey and Bulgaria, another two traditionally strong CS:GO markets are actually posting pretty modest numbers with only 13,806 and 13,579 numbers each. Players in South Korea are barely a mote, with only 1947 players registered.

CS:GO’s Population Remains Steady

These numbers are even more impressive when you factor in the highest share as of the total CS:GO player base. After all, Denmark accounts for just 1.70% of the global player base but you can already feel that the country produces some of the most competitive and talented professionals.

Gambit Esports makes sure that Russia doesn’t fall behind even though the country doesn’t have the same number of players per capita, but then again constitutes 11.65% of the global total in terms of active players.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s peak player count has reached 1,124,553 people or around that number on several occasions, showing consistent interest in the game. BLAST and ESL continue to run some of the most comprehensive and well-organized events

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