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Published: February 14, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • IEM Katowice suffers over a 30% drop in viewership compared to last year
  • Fans discuss why is this sudden drop in popularity
  • The Super Bowl Sunday and even Hogwarts Legacy release have been cited as reasons

CS:GO’s viewership has dropped significantly in the past few weeks with IEM Katowice’s finals being watched by 36% fewer viewers compared to last year’s iteration of the tournament.

IEM Katowice Suffers Huge Viewership Drop

We are well into the competitive CS:GO year and thousands flocked to their screens to watch the first big event of this season, the IEM Katowice. The Polish event’s final, which ended in victory for G2, was watched by hundreds of thousands of viewers. But despite those numbers seeming large at first, they mark an over one-third drop compared to last year.

IEM Katowice’s grand final had a peak viewership of 726 820 according to Esports Charts. This is a huge drop compared to 2022, when G2 once again played at the final, this time against FaZe Clan. That match boasted a peak viewership of 1 122 015 viewers, meaning that this year’s edition recorded a 36% drop.

A similar relation can be seen in the average viewership numbers of this year’s and last year’s events as well. IEM Katowice averaged out at about 235 623 viewers, but 2022’s iteration had 328 068 viewers on average. The only metric that’s not that bad is the total hours watched. Last year’s IEM Katowice recorded a total of 29 936 138 hours watched and this year had 23 503 319, meaning a decrease of “only” around 22%.

Why Did the Viewership Drop So Much?

With viewership numbers plummeting so much, many fans have been trying to find out why this is the case. A Reddit post discussing the situation came to a few conclusions on why IEM Katowice 2023 suffered such a drop in viewership.

Firstly, one of the more popular teams, FaZe Clan, dropped out of the event early on. NaVi also did not manage to reach the tournament’s finals leaving only G2 and Heroic to entertain the crowds. Although G2 was one of the favorite teams, their opponents simply are not as popular as the previously mentioned teams. 

IEM Katowice also probably suffered a loss of a lot of North American viewers because the CS:GO event’s finals happened during Super Bowl Sunday. It’s highly possible many fans simply decided to watch the football game instead of the CS:GO one. 

Some fans joked that IEM Katowice suffered a decrease in viewership because of the release of Hogwarts Legacy, the highly anticipated game from the Harry Potter franchise. Although meant as a joke, many other commenters agreed that the title, which has been talked about a lot on the internet in the past few months, might as well have drawn some fans away from watching the tournament’s finals.

Ultimately, there are many reasons why this year’s IEM Katowice suffered a big drop in viewership are many and we have to remember that fluctuations, even as big as this one, are not uncommon in esports or other events.

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