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Published: September 8, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Heroic’s coach Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen was recently busted for exploiting the spectator bug in CS:GO
  • At first, the coach claimed that he had no accomplices and he was using the bug at his own responsibility
  • Now HUNDEN has decided to come clean and reveal that his teammates knew all along

HUNDEN reveals that his Heroic teammates were aware of his spectator mode bug exploitation.

The Aftermath of the Spectator Bug Cheating

Danish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Heroic’s coach Nicolai ‘?HUNDEN?’ Petersen was recently penalized by the Esports Integrity Commission as he was found guilty of exploiting the spectator bug. Despite initially claiming to have been the only one aware of the cheating, HUNDEN now revealed otherwise.

The coach first made a public statement where he claimed he was the only one exploiting the game. For the offense, HUNDEN was handed an eight-month ban. Perhaps out of a feeling of guilt, the coach decided to later reveal that he was actually not alone and his teammates were aware of the cheating.

This launched an investigation by the ESIC. The commission will try to uncover whether HUNDEN is really telling the truth out of guilt or is lying in order to worsen the situation for the team because of an unknown motive. At least on the surface, it seems like the coach is definitely feeling remorse for cheating the game as in the interview with TV2 where he made the reveal, Petersen lamented that “there is nothing called Counter-Strike for him after this”.

HUNDEN received an additional two-year ban in a wholly different case as he was found guilty of leaking valuable intel to an opposing team before the IEM Cologne.

HUNDEN Reveals Everything on the TV

The spectator bug is an exploit that allows a spectator to get crucial information on the playfield by positioning himself in a certain position. The TV2 segment showed a server log where Heroic’s player René ‘?TeSeS?’ Madsen was helping HUNDEN get in the right spot to use the bug. TV2 even showed the data to a professional referee who confirmed that it was definitely possible the whole team were accomplices in the cheating.

Heroic also had allegedly asked the team members to sign an NDA in order to keep quiet, but if HUNDEN is to be believed, he and everyone else refused to sign the document. Judging from the fact the coach is openly speaking about that, he probably really didn’t sign such a contract, if one existed.

Yet, Heroic’s players refused to confirm whether they were aware of the cheat or not. On September 6, during a press conference, the team said that “there will be no answers about this situation”.

It is now in the hands of the ESIC to uncover if Heroic players are guilty or not. The team is currently on a roll and is scheduled to play against fnatic or Team Liquid. If the members are found guilty of cheating, that would definitely take a toll on their image.

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