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Published: May 19, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The match went through the full three maps
  • Both teams showed impeccable form and each had one mind-bending comeback
  • Heroic will not have to face the winner of Monte versus GamerLegion

Following a tough slog filled with amazing comebacks, Heroic eliminate FaZe from the BLAST Paris Major and become the tournament’s first semi-finalists.

Heroic Defeat FaZe

BLAST Premier Paris Major’s first semi-finalist has been decided as the Danish team Heroic eliminated FaZe in a three-map match. Heroic will now have to face the winner of Monte versus GamerLegion. Meanwhile, FaZe’s journey in the last CS:GO major to ever be played has finished. The mixed European roster had to battle from behind at both the RMR and the Legends Stage and had a difficult time in the event, barely making it to the Champions stage after eliminating NaVi in the 2-2 pool.

“A tough game for sure, a lot of good players, good calls, they’re a great team. Lot of respect for them,” said Heroic’s Casper “?cadiaN?” Møller in regards to FaZe’s performance. “We played some tremendous CT halves today, and that definitely gave us an extra edge.”

Despite eventually winning, Heroic’s victory did not come easily as FaZe got off to a great start on the first map played, Nuke. The mixed European roster managed a solid lead of 5-1 before Heroic put an end to it with their solid defense. After that, the Danes completely turned the game by winning a whopping nine rounds in a row to run away with the first half of Nuke with a big 10-5 lead.

Heroic rode that wave once the sides switched, gaining four rounds for a 14-5. However, they soon had a taste of their own medicine, as FaZe, powered by a Robin “?ropz?” Kool CT side won nine rounds in a row, much to the dismay of Heroic. But as FaZe were about to turn the tides, their luck ran out, and an epic 2vs3 play by Heroic’s Jakob “?jabbi?” Nygaard and Casper “?cadiaN?” Møller denied the opponents and gave the Danes a close 16-12 victory on Nuke.

Overpass was the second map which was quite similar to the first one, except the roads were reversed. Heroic got to a 4-3 lead before FaZe stopped them in their tracks and took a massive 15-5 lead. Just like their European opponents on the previous map, the Danes also pulled a massive comeback, going up to 12 rounds. However, Heroic simply did not have enough steam to finish the job, which allowed FaZe to take the one round they needed in order to win Overpass 16-12.

As both teams entered the final map, Mirage, fans were expecting an equally hard-fought game filled with comeback. They were disappointed, however, as Heroic took the first half 12-3 and took just three rounds in the second one. Heroic quickly wrapped up the game, taking Mirage 16-6 and the game 2-1, eliminating FaZe from the tournament. Heroic played quite well, considering the organization is in the middle of being sold as the roster is competing in the Major and the player may have other things on their minds.

Heroic took some important lessons from their tough match against FaZe, which should come in handy in the upcoming encounters. “Communication-wise it could be better on both Nuke and Overpass, to be honest. Not perfect, but good enough,” commented cadiaN about his team’s performance. “I’m satisfied because I think we are getting better and better at pushing together, lifting together, helping each other, and that’s a great sign for this tournament.”

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