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Published: March 1, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The organization will no longer pay installments or receive revenue
  • However, they keep their partner slots for IEM Chengdu 2024 and Seasons 19 & 20 of the ESL Pro League
  • Valve will disband the Louvre Agreement starting next year

HEROIC has left the Louvre Agreement two years after signing it but still retains its partner slots for ESL and IEM competitions.

Louvre Agreement Loses a Member

Esports teams sometimes become a part of a bigger organization in order to share revenue or popularize their own franchise. The Louvre Agreement is one such entity that sees a select group of teams participate in a deal with the ESL, which grants them various financial and promotional advantages alongside obligations.

Norwegian esports organization HEROIC was one of the participants until recently when the ESL announced that the team is leaving the deal, effective immediately. This releases the org from any future membership payments or installments, as well as rights to revenue share. Despite that, HEROIC will still keep its pre-existing partner slots for IEM Chengdu 2024 and Seasons 19 & 20 of the ESL Pro League.

However, considering the team is now out of the deal, they might miss out on the opportunity to apply for a partner slot for IEM Fall, as it is the only remaining ESL Pro Tour event in 2024 that would offer such slots. It is unclear why the organization came to the decision to leave the Agreement. One might presume that the contract was not lucrative enough for HEROIC, and considering the organization had a financially tough 2023, perhaps it decided to cut its losses.

What Is the Louvre Agreement’s Future

Being initially brought into force in 2020, the Louvre Agreement was initially signed by 13 Counter-Strike teams, making them the majority stakeholders in the ESL Pro League. This granted them various privileges such as revenue share and reserved slots for tournaments. This effectively made ESL’s tournament circuit a franchised one, at least in part. The model was also implemented by BLAST for their tournament circuit.

HEROIC was not originally one of the teams that signed the deal back in 2020. Instead, the organization joined in 2022 alongside FURIA and BIG in a deal that, between all three teams, amounted to almost $20 million.

It should be noted that the Louvre Agreement will be scuppered by Valve starting in 2025 as a part of larger tournament changes the developer announced last year. The new rules disallow “unique business relationships or other conflicts of interest with teams that participate in their events.” The Louvre Agreement’s original model went against the game’s historic ethos, which saw numerous tournament organizers run events for an open field of teams and paid out with prize pools.

Considering this, perhaps HEROIC saw where the winds were blowing and decided to leave the Agreement earlier to avoid other complications in the future.

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