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Published: September 16, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • This is the team’s first win in the current ESL
  • Heroic narrowly won the first map but had a convincing lead during the second 
  • Both teams now have a 1-1 score in Group C of the ESL Pro League Season 16

Heroic hit ENCE at their weak spots, winning two maps against the team in the battle for the best team of ESL Pro League Season 16’s Group C.

Heroic Wins 2-0 Against ENCE

The ESL Pro League Season 16 is in full swing and fans are already seeing some terrific performances, the latest of which was made in Group C of the tournament. A new four-way tie for second place is emerging with Heroic’s latest victory over the international team of ENCE.

With this win, Heroic recovered from its opening day 0-2 loss against MOUZ. Not only did the Danish team now bounce back up, but it did so in a very convincing manner, taking two games and giving none to ENCE, for a final score of 2-0. 

Heroic dominated their international opponents on two maps, taking Ancient (16-12) and Vertigo (16-10), with René “?TeSeS?” Madsen emerging as Heroic’s most valuable player. By scoring a total of 50 kills and a 1.44 average rating, the 21-year-old player dominated his Danish counterpart from ENCE, Valdemar “?valde?” Bjørn Vangså. The latter had a good performance on the ESL’s opening day, but he could not replicate it here, finishing the match with a 0.80 rating.

How Did the Match Go?

Heroic exercised an overall calm and methodic strategy throughout the whole match. Picking Ancient, the team gave ENCE’s Marco “?Snappi?” Pfeiffer get a triple-kill during the pistol round. However, ENCE was not able to exploit that as Heroic won the first pistol round. 

The Danish team managed to win a couple of more rounds, but ENCE had already gotten up on their feet and soon tied up the score at 12-12. With the fate of the first game hanging, a chaotic round on B followed. It concluded with a 2vs3 retake by Heroic, which gained them the match point. 

Having narrowly won the first map, Heroic went into the second one, Vertigo, with a decisive CT pistol round domination. The Danish team maintained its lead, with the score staying at 7-0 before ENCE finally managed to get in a win. 

However, ENCE once again could not maintain momentum, which led to Heroic gaining a massive lead. ENCE finished the half with some success, but the halftime score stood at 12-3 in favor of their opponents. 

Seeing the score, ENCE stepped up their game, winning a much-needed pistol round on the CT side. The team eventually narrowed the gap to five points, and Heroic started trading rounds with them, with Casper “?cadiaN?” Møller and Pawel “?dycha?” Dycha both winning a 1vs1 clutch.

However, the last turning point was when Heroic’s Rasmus “?sjuush?” Beck delivered a fantastic triple-kill round to break ENCE’s economy, which ultimately led to a 16-10 finish of the map in favor of the Danish team. 

Both teams now have a 1-1 record in Group C and there is still a lot of time for ENCE to make up for the loss.

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