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Published: October 19, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • conducted a study to see which sites players choose for bomb planting
  • The study found Ancient is the most popular map for bomb plants
  • The “Rush B” meme is surprisingly not supported by the study’s results

Analytical platform recently made a CS:GO study that many players might find interesting and useful for their future strats. 

What Is This Study?

When it comes to high-level esports, small details can often make e the difference between victory and defeat. These can range from the split-second travel times of a projectile, or the rendering of an enemy model on your screen. Due to the way games are programmed and the limitations of current-day technology, it’s useful to have data on how small details like this can impact a game. 

This is where annalistic services like come into play. It often analyzes various games with an emphasis on shooters like CS:GO and gathers statistics that many players and esports organizations can find useful for the development of strategies and training routines. 

One of’s most recent research is about bomb plants in CS:GO. The platform looked at two bomb-related stats on competitive maps: successful bomb plants and A/B plant site distribution. It took data from tens of thousands of matches from the game’s most popular game mode and found some interesting facts. 

What Did the Study Find?

In competitive CS:GO one obvious way to win the game is to simply destroy the entire enemy team. This, perhaps, is part of the reason why on most maps Terrorists successfully manage to plant a bomb in less than half of the rounds played. They were either killed by counter-terrorist or they themselves eliminated the CT. This seems to show most players prefer to go heads-on against the enemy team rather than play and win through map objectives. 

It also seems that a larger proportion of rounds with bomb plants equals a higher T-side win rate, with Anubis seemingly being an example of this. However, a counterargument to that is when we look at other maps, which do not seem to support this correlation. 

A perfect example of the latter is the fact that on the relatively CT-favoured Ancient, the bomb is planted in nearly 50% of rounds. Meanwhile, more balanced maps like Vertigo and Mirage see the bomb being planted only 43% of the rounds. 

Another interesting thing the study found is that the popular Dust strategy, turned meme, of “Rush B” is not that relevant. Over 60% of the time when a bomb is planted on Dust, it’s planted on the A site. A similar disparity is observed on Ancient, where the A/B balance is the most skewed towards B (0.386/0.613). Meanwhile, the most balanced map, at least in terms of bomb plants, is Nuke with an A/B planting distribution ratio of 0.514/0.485.

The study indeed found some unexpected things and players may use this information to try and outsmart the enemy next time.

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