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Published: June 15, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • He retakes his position as the squad’s in-game leader
  • NiP had to bench Aleksi “?Aleksib?” Virolainen in order to make room for hampus
  • Hampus’first challenge is leading NiP through BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2023

After having to take a long break in January this year due to personal reasons, 24-year-old Hampus “?hampus?” Poser has finally returned to the team’s helm.

Hampus Returns

With the competitive CS:GO scene entering a period of low activity as everyone is preparing for the transition to Counter-Strike 2 soon, organizations are using the time to make adjustments to their rosters. Swedish organization Ninjas in Pyjamas is no exception to that and they have announced that 24-year-old Hampus “?hampus?” Poser is returning to the team’s active lineup.

To make room for the returning in-game leader, NiP have decided to bench 26-year-old Aleksi “?Aleksib?” Virolainen, bringing an end to the Finn’s nine-month tenure with the Swedish organization. He came into the team not long after an underwhelming stint with G2, but generated excitement as hampus was freed from the leadership reigns to focus on fragging. During his time with the team, Aleksib led the Swedish team to the playoffs of just one Big Event at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022.

Meanwhile, hampus returned from a long break and is “well-rested and hungrier than ever”, according to NiP’s statement. Hampus took time off professional CS:GO in January this year due to various personal reasons and missed the entirety of the spring season. However, his agent also recently commented that the player is “more than ready to come back”.

His tenure with NiP goes back to when he arrived on the team in May 2020, having come from GamerLegion. During the time until he took a break in early 2023, hampus led the Swedish squad through several tournaments, claiming playoff spots at PGL Major Stockholm and PGL Major Antwerp and a second-place finish at IEM Winter 2021.

Jonas “?calc?” Gundersen, NiP’s COO, said that the organization will consider its options on and off the bench during the break if competitive CS. “We’ll take our time to assess our long-term vision properly in the off-season, and make sure we’re positioned the best way possible to make an impact in CS2,” Gundersen explained.

Hampus’ first big challenge after the end of his break will be leading the team through BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2023, which will be held between July 13 to 23 in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. NiP will have to face other high-ranking teams such as Vitality, Heroic, and FaZe just a few days before the start of IEM Cologne. With hampus back at the helm, the team now looks like this:

  • Daniil “?headtr1ck?” Valitov
  • Kristian “?k0nfig?” Wienecke
  • Fredrik “?REZ?” Sterner
  • Ludvig “?Brollan?” Brolin
  • Hampus “?hampus?” Poser
  • Daniel “?djL?” Narancic (coach)
  • Aleksi “?Aleksib?” Virolainen (benched)

Patrick “?es3tag?” Hansen (benched)

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