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Published: January 29, 2024

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • He comes in place of Jocelin Caldwell, who left to focus on other interests
  • Guild’s other Special Advisor, Stephen Duval, will remain with the organization alongside Pillai
  • This is the third high-level personnel signing of the year so far

Continuing with its campaign of expanding into new industries, Guild Esports will use Nathan Pillai’s experience in motorsports and technologies.

Guild Sign Pillai

As an esports organization grows, there comes the need for various specialized staff to keep things running. This is especially true for large entities dealing in many different esports fields, such as the UK-based organization Guild Esports, which recently announced it has appointed Nathan Pillai, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Caerus Ventures, as its Special Advisor to the Board.

It should be noted that the organization’s other Special Advisor, Stephen Duval, will remain with the organization alongside Pillai. However, Guild’s statement of the new signing explained that Jocelin Caldwell has recently stepped down from Guild’s Board. According to the release, the reason for her departure is so that she can focus on “her other business interests”. Alongside being a Guild Board Member, Caldwell is an HR and Operations Advisor for gaming platform Paidia Gaming as well as the owner of HR company Reimagine Work, so it’s safe to say she has a lot of work on her hands.

Back to Pillai, he brings a lot of experience to the organization. Before founding Caerus Ventures, Pillai led mergers and acquisitions (M&A) alongside new ventures within the sports ecosystem whilst at Endeavor-owned sports and media company IMG. While working with the organization, he served as the operating partner for Endeavor’s early-stage investment into the racing league SailGP.

Guild Esports Expands Into New Spheres

It is exactly this experience in motorsports that Guild seems particularly excited about. According to a release, Pillai’s experience “across motorsport, the Middle East, and transformative technologies” aligns quite well with Guild’s stated goals of expanding into new growth territories and industries. In recent times, the organization has been investing in new ways to earn revenue from its rosters. One of these is the signing of a partnership between Guild and ENDX which saw the org’s CS2 members being added to the player trading platform.

However, the organization’s staff changes will not stop here as Guild has stated it wants to appoint another Non-Executive Director soon. The addition of Pillai is the third major personnel announcement the organization has made so far this year. The earlier two saw Paul Kingsley being named Chief Financial Officer, and Glynn Jones being appointed Director of Agency Partnerships for Guild Studios after that.

“I’m delighted to welcome Nathan as Special Advisor to the Board. Nathan brings a blend of corporate and entrepreneurial experience leveraging the scale and reach of sports and entertainment platforms,” said Jasmine Skee, CEO of Guild Esports about Pillai’s hiring. “This marks Guild’s second high-caliber Special Advisor appointment, and Nathan’s expertise in securing global brand partnerships and reaching new growth territories positions him as an asset to Guild as we continue to expand our international presence.”

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