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Published: May 24, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Guild Esports announced it is no longer affiliated with the Bad News Eagles squad
  • Hours later, players from the team announced they were leaving the quintet
  • This effectively means that the BNE roster has disbanded

Following a tough few months filled with mediocre results, Bad News Eagles and parent organization Guild Esports mutually agreed to part ways.

Guild Esports and BNE Break

It has been a rough day for Guild Esports and the players of the Bad News Eagles roster. The British esports organization announced earlier today that it is parting ways with the entire roster. Shortly after that, a few of its players also announced that they were leaving the squad in search of new opportunities.

The news was first broken by Rigon “⁠rigoN⁠” Gashi announced that he is parting ways with his teammates of over two years. Guld Esports’ announcement that it will no longer be affiliated with Bad News Eagles came not long after rigoN’s post. But the final nail in BNE’s coffin was the fact that Genc “gxx-” Kolgeci and Flatron “juanflatroo” Halimi also came out to say they were leaving the squad. This effectively means that Bad News Eagles have been disbanded.

The squad first made the major headlines in 2022 when it qualified for the PGL Major in Antwerp from the open qualifier and made it all the way to the tournament’s Legends Stage. Over the next two years, BNE went on to play two more majors: IEM Rio, where they famously eliminated FaZe in a group stage elimination match, and BLAST Paris.

In late 2023, Guild Signed Bad News Eagles, renaming the team to Guild Eagles. It was hoped that the players would improve now that they had the backing of a big esports org. Unfortunately, the squad failed to materialize these hopes as it missed the PGL Major in Copenhagen at the beginning of the year. In the few months before today’s disbandment, BNE were relegated mostly to online play, where they posted some rather mediocre results. That, perhaps combined with Guild Esports reporting a significant financial loss in early 2024, led to the team’s disbandment.

What Did the Players Say?

One common theme that persisted among all the three players that talked about the situation and that is that none of them seem really thrilled about the disbandment. RigoN’s farewell was an emotive one as the player stated that the time he spent with the squad was some of the best in his life. “You are more than just teammates to me – you are friends who have become my family. Even if I choose a different path now, I will always carry the memories and experiences we shared together in my heart,” rigoN wrote.

This sentiment seems to be shared by gxx- who explained that it was a tough decision to leave the team and that he really loved working with his now-former teammates. “We’ve had some great successes and a lot of good times together. I’m grateful for everything we’ve accomplished as a team,” he wrote.

Last, but not least, juanflatroo talked about how the team achieved many things throughout the years and had numerous ups and downs. “The boys will always have a special place in my heart our journey is nothing but miraculous,” he wrote on Twitter.

Bad news Eagles were supposed to play RES Adriatic League Season 4 and RES Season 7, with the hopes of advancing to the next stages in the qualification processes for ESL Pro League and BLAST Premier. However, it seems not all of them are looking for a new team. The former Guild Eagles were:

  • Flatron “⁠juanflatroo⁠” Halimi
  • Rigon “⁠rigoN⁠” Gashi
  • Sener “⁠SENER1⁠” Mahmuti
  • Dionis “⁠sinnopsyy⁠” Budeci
  • Genc “⁠gxx-⁠” Kolgeci
  • Jonatan “⁠Devilwalk⁠” Lundberg (coach)
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