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Published: December 22, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • ENDX now adds GE’s Counter-Strike 2 players to its trading platform
  • Fans can now buy and sell “shares” relating to each player
  • The prices of each player will rise and fall based on how they perform in tournaments

Guild Esports expands its partnerships by adding its CS2 members to ENDX’s player trading platform and will get a percentage of the revenue from each sale.

GE and ENDX Sign Deal

The global esports industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars each year so it should not be surprising that many trading practices have entered the field. Numerous companies have large stakes in the industry as they are signing partnerships with various esports organizations.

ENDX is one such company that has recently announced it has entered a collaboration with UK-based esports org Guild Esports. The deal will see GE’s Counter-Strike 2 members be added to the ENDX pool of tradable players. GE will earn a percentage of revenue created by the sales of its members via the platform.

This deal is one of a series of contracts with big companies that GE has been signing recently. Earlier today it was announced that Guild Esports is extending its partnership with Subway for at least one more year and an undisclosed amount of money. That will see the fast-food chain’s branding be placed on the shirts of GE’s members across all of its fielded teams.

This also includes the CS2 men’s and women’s teams, which will now be part of ENDX’s trading platform. The company’s services allow fans to buy and trade players from real-life esports teams using a “shares” system, similar to the stock market. Each player’s price can rise or fall depending on how they perform in matches.

GE Becomes First Org to Add both Male and Female Players to ENDX

The partnership with Guild will follow a similar format as the other team partnerships for ENDX. The company already has quite a large roster of both male and female CS2 players available for trade as it is collaborating with lots of organizations, such as BIG with whom ENDX signed a deal in late October. Guild Esports will recieve a percentage of the transaction for each sold share.

“Our partnership with ENDX establishes Guild’s presence within the esports player trading landscape, as we become the first esports organization to introduce both their male and female rosters onto this platform,” commented CEO of Guild Esports Jasmine Skee about the deal.

“As well as allowing users to trade in the future performance of their favorite players, ENDX provides a unique opportunity for driving fan engagement. We are delighted to see our exciting players added to this platform which offers a new avenue for fan participation within the overall esports experience.”

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