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Published: November 22, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Gla1ve has stayed on Astralis’ inactive roster since this June
  • However, he has allegedly reached an agreement with another org and will leave Astralis
  • He was instrumental in the team’s successes over the past few years

After spending a whopping seven years with Astralis during which the team ascended to becoming the best of all time, the organization announced Lukas “⁠gla1ve⁠” Rossander is leaving.

Astralis and Gla1Ve Part Ways

Danish CS2 player Lukas “⁠gla1ve⁠” Rossander has stayed on Astralis’ bench since June, when he was replaced as in-game leader by Benjamin “⁠blameF⁠” Bremer. There were some rumors that the 26-year-old would be returned to the team’s main lineup in some capacity, but all of them came to an end when Astralis announced the player was leaving the organization.

While blameF extended his contract with Astralis until 2025, gla1ve remained on the inactive roster throughout the past few months. While active, however, he recorded a whopping 743 maps during which the Danish organization ascended to becoming the best team of all time.

Despite that, it seems that gla1ve has apparently reached an “agreement with a new organization,” which will see him finally climb onto the competitive scene. If the rumors reported by Sheep Esports turn out to be true, that new organization might be ENCE, who will allegedly part ways with Marco “⁠Snappi⁠” Pfeiffer and Alexey “⁠OverDrive⁠” Birukov.

It Was An Emotional Separation

“Lukas, you will forever be a part of Astralis, the Astralis Family and the Astralis History as one of the greatest ever,” a statement on Twitter by the organization reads. “On behalf of everyone at Astralis, we wish you all the best in the future. Thank you for everything, Maestro!”

The Danish player also had a few kind words to say about his now-former team, explaining how grateful he is for the last 7 years spent with Astralis. “I will always remember Astralis as the greatest team I’ve ever had the honor of playing for. A family that has always been there for me, the fans, the team working behind the scenes day and night, and of course all my teammates with whom I’ve shared blood, sweat, and tears throughout the years,” a statement by gla1ve on Astralis’ website reads.

It’s understandable there is such an emotional parting from both sides, considering how long the player has been a part of Astralis and how crucial he has been for the team’s success. Despite that, it seems gla1ve is also looking forward to what happens next in his career. “I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons over the last 2 years that I will bring with me into the next part of my journey,” another statement by gla1ve reads. “I can’t wait to share what the next chapter of my career entails, but until then – Thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far.”

It’s still unknown for certain if the Danish player will join ENCE as the rumors suggest, so stay tuned to be up to date with gla1ve’s story.

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