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Published: February 1, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • IGL Snax and AWPer acoR were crucial for their victory
  • Both teams traded one-sided maps throughout the match
  • The last one, Underpass, was the only balanced map

GamerLegion have secured a berth in the upcoming IEM Katowice Group Stage after defeating 2-1 in a match filled with ups and downs.

GL Defeat VP

IEM Katowice 2024’s play-ins are going full steam ahead with the upper bracket already concluding its games and producing the winner that will go onto the group stage. One of the lucky teams is the mixed European roster of GamerLegion which qualified for the event after defeating 2-1 earlier today.

After the match, GL’s Sebastian “volt” Maloș talked about how the team performed, saying they followed a good game plan and praising his coaches for preparing the players well. He also praised the work of in-game leader Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski and AWPer Frederik “acoR” Gyldstrand, noting their fragging made things much easier throughout the maps.

“I feel like we were playing very calm throughout the game, every single round we were just playing together and kind of countering VP’s style because we knew what they were going to do and we were ready for it,” volt additionally explained.

Here’s How the Match Went

It started on Vertigo, where VP displayed a keen lack of confidence as their opponents utterly dominated them throughout the map. Things quickly turned into a pretty one-sided affair as VP consistently and uncharacteristically had poor aim, missing many opportunities that happened before them. It was not long before GL wrapped up the map with Frederik “⁠acoR⁠” Gyldstrand posting a more than impressive 2.24 rating and 124 ADR in his side’s 13-3 victory.

Interestingly, the next map, Inferno, was the exact opposite of the first one, with going into it dominatingly. This continued throughout the entire first half which resulted in the Russian squad scoring an 11-1 lead, needing only a couple of wins to finish the map. Perhaps it’s exactly that that pushed GamerLegion to try a comeback, but their efforts were too little and too late to make up for the huge gap, resulting in them losing 5-13.

With the teams dominating one another on one map each it was interesting to see the final one, Overpass, actually, be quite balanced. GL took the early lead after VP’s David “⁠n0rb3r7⁠” Danielyan was denied several times trying to create space around Monster, but the Russian team soon got the hang of things, and the first half ended with the teams being just two rounds apart.

When the sides switched, VP took the initiative by winning the pistol round, however, they were denied much more progress when GL shut them down with a forcebuy. The mixed European squad then went out to show that their strength lies in the attack as they lunged to five match points and eventually 13-9 victory.

While GamerLegion can rest for now, knowing they secured a spot for the Katowice Groups, still have a chance for a qualification if they defeat the winner of BetBoom vs. Cloud9.

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