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Published: January 24, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • GamerLegion was considered the underdog going into the event, but proved everyone wrong
  • Captain Snax and his teammate volt⁠ shined throughout the match
  • GL now proceeds to the upper bracket of Group B while FaZe are sent to the lower one

GamerLegion could not hope for a better start of their BLAST campaign as they defeated FaZe, the second-best team in the world, 2-0 on Overpass and Ancient.

GL Upset FaZe

The BLAST Premier Spring Groups are in full swing and teams are duking it out for a chance to win a spot at the Finals as well as a slice of the $190 000 prize pool. GamerLegion are one step closer to that goal as the team defeated FaZe, the second-best team in the world, in their opening series in Group B earlier today.

What makes this more impressive is that GamerLegion are first-timers as one of the new expansion teams entering BLAST Premier, yet they managed to hold their own against FaZe and defeat them 2-0 in a grueling match. The Janusz “⁠Snax⁠” Pogorzelski-led squad was regarded as one of the weaker teams entering the tournament, but after their showing today, things will change.

The captain himself performed quite well during the match and was essential for GL’s victory. He and his teammate Sebastian “⁠volt⁠” Maloș’s MVP for the match secured the squad’s spot in the upper bracket finals of Group B where they will have to face the victor of the encounter between Spirit and Liquid.

How Did the Match Go?

Despite GL coming in as the underdog in the match, they came out swinging and didn’t lose a single player in the first three rounds of Overpass, the first map of the game. However, their momentum weakened, allowing FaZe to take the lead and score a 9-5 half. But when the sides switched, GamerLegion put up a strong defense on the CT side and won eight out of ten rounds to secure their pick in the final round of regulation.

Next up was Ancient, which saw the two teams trade rounds in the first half, eventually settling on an even 6-6. This back-and-forth continued after the sides switched, with neither team gaining a strong lead, necessitating an overtime. Despite FaZe trying to pull out something in the last moment, in a style classic for them, things did not go well, as GL’s volt shut the B site down on match point.

FaZe start 2024 on a slow foot, despite being back-to-back runners-up at the final two events of 2023. Not even much-lauded newcomer David “⁠frozen⁠” Čerňanský, whom FaZe signed in December, could do much during the match. He ended up at the bottom of the scoreboard with a disappointing 0.89 rating.

Now FaZe is sent to the lower bracket, which will see them fight for survival in the tournament against the loser of the aforementioned match between Spirit and Liquid.

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