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Published: April 14, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The mixed European roster defeated C9 2-0 on Vertigo and Inferno
  • They dominated C9 on Vertigo, but almost dropped a 13-5 lead on the second map
  • The Paris Major is going to be G2’s return to such an event after missing out on IEM Rio

Following a shaky start in the BLAST Premier Paris Major RMR B, G2 managed to plow through and defeat Cloud9 at the finals to secure a spot for the main event in the French capital.

G2 Defeat Cloud9

BLAST Premier’s Paris Major is quickly approaching and the final teams to participate in it are being sorted out. One organization that is certainly going to attend the event is G2 after they defeated Cloud9 2-0 in the finals of the Europe RMR B. The mixed European roster had an easy start on Vertigo, but almost barely held onto the reigns in the second map after almost dropping a 13-5 lead.

This victory marks the end of G2’s redemption ark after the team previously missed out on the IEM Rio Major after failing to qualify for it in the corresponding RMRs. Even so, the team’s road to victory did not start easily. G2 was surprisingly defeated by 9INE in the opening round of the Paris Major RMR B. Despite that, the mixed European team regained their footing in the following matches, defeating iNation and Aurora. With the final victory against Cloud9, G2 quells the demons that have been chasing them since the IEM Rio RMRs.

How Did the Match Go?

Nikola “?NiKo?” Kovac and his men started the match on Vertigo where they quickly gained the initiative. G2 raced ahead to a 7-0 lead before Cloud9 were able to stabilize. But thanks to a quadra kill by Ilya “?m0NESY?” Osipov, G2 regained the momentum which they kept well into the rest of the map. C9 seemed quite out of shape as they did not even manage to get into the double-digit rounds, allowing G2 to run away with the victory, ending the map with a dominating 16-6. Despite m0NESY’s crucial play, however, it was Rasmus “?HooXi?” Nielsen who topped the server with a 1.58 rating.

The second map, Inferno, started in much the same way with the European roster dominating the Russian-majority team at first, running away to a 7-0 lead only for the half to end 10-5 once again. But when the sides changed and the score was reading 13-5 in favor of G2, Cloud9 finally woke up. They quickly regained the initiative and pushed G2 to a potential overturn. But just as it was looking like the game might stretch into the third map, C9 ran out of steam allowing their European opponents to close out Inferno with a close 16-13.

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