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Published: December 20, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The organization parts ways with G2 Oya, its female CS2 lineup
  • This happens just nine months after the squad was formed in March of this year
  • IGL juliano stated her priorities are to keep the team together

After failing to qualify for the LAN Finals of ESL Impact in either season, G2 Oya’s entire lineup was released by the organization.

G2 Parts Ways With Players

Esports organizations rely on the skills of their players to keep them afloat on the competitive scene by performing well at tournaments. However, this means that when a team struggles to find success, it might be forced to undergo big restructuring, or even be straight-up disbanded, as the parent organization does not see a point in investing more time and effort.

This seems to be the case with G2 Oya, the German organization’s all-female Counter-Strike 2 team. It was announced that the org has released the entire roster, the decision coming after it was unable to make it to the LAN Finals of ESL Impact in either season.

When G2 entered the female competitive CS2 scene back in March of this year, there was much fanfare around the new roster. It was built around the returning duo Zainab “⁠zAAz⁠” Turkie and Julia “⁠juliano⁠” Kiran, who had left the game two years earlier to further their careers in VALORANT. With such star players, hopes were high for the new team, but unfortunately, things would soon turn out differently.

How Oya Performed in 2023

G2 Oya had a rough showing in ESL Impact Season 3, finishing 5th-6th in the European division. Following the disappointing showing, the organization replaced Oleksandra “⁠manka⁠” Kruspe with Anna “⁠ramziiN⁠” Ramsing before the start of the following season.

Unfortunately, this changed nothing as G2 Oya once again finished in the exact same position. The only good achievement the squad recorded during the year was that they won the single-elimination ESL Impact Cash Cup: Europe – Summer 2023 #4 after a 2-0 match against ASTRONUTS.

The squad’s in-game leader Julia “⁠juliano⁠” Kiran confirmed on Twitter that G2 have decided to leave ESL Impact altogether. Despite that, she plans to continue playing with the team’s core as she has “already put together a really strong lineup under my leadership”. However, she noted that she is open to individual offers although her priority is to stay with the team.

G2’s decision to leave the ESL Impact was also confirmed by coach Jimmy “⁠Jumpy⁠” Berndtsson, who also added that he is now looking to explore new opportunities. “As of today, OYA is no more since G2 decided to pull out of ESL Impact. From January 1:st I’ll be a free agent and I’m looking to explore my options,” he explained.

It has certainly been a rough year for the team as they did not manage to win a single important event since their formation. Despite that, the squad’s captain remains positive that the cohesion is good and she seems to think that the players still have much more to show.

G2 Oya’s now-fomer lineup looks like this:

Zainab “⁠zAAz⁠” Turkie
Sweden Julia “⁠juliano⁠” Kiran
Russia Anastasia “⁠kr4sy⁠” Khlobystina
Denmark Anna “⁠ramziiN⁠” Ramsing
Ukraine Alexandra “⁠kyossa⁠” Tykhonska

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