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Published: June 1, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Brazil’s two biggest CS:GO teams face off at the IEM Dallas event
  • FURIA defeated Imperial with a strong 16-9
  • The team advances to the upper bracket, only two wins away from securing a playoffs spot

The IEM Dallas event started with a thrilling match between Brazil’s top CS:GO teams, FURIA and Imperial, the former of which emerged victorious.

FURIA Defeats Imperial

CS:GO fans rejoice as the IEM Dallas has already started strong with the two biggest Brazilian teams, FURIA and Imperial, going head to head in Group B’s upper bracket. The match, which marks the first encounter between the two biggest teams in Brazil since Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and teammates signed Imperial early this year, ended with a decisive 16-9 victory for FURIA.

Brazil’s CS:GO community, which has seen significant growth in the past couple of years, had many expectations for the derby. Both Imperial and FURIA performed very well at the PGL Antwerp Major, with the latter making it into the playoffs and the former almost managing the same. More than 200K viewers tuned in to Gaules’ stream to watch pros like FalleN, Fernando “fer” Alvarenga, Lincoln “fnx” Lau, and Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato defend their teams’ honor.

How Did the Game Go?

FURIA already had the upper hand from the start of the match. It started on Mirage with FURIA playing on the CT side. The team completely destroyed all of Imperial’s pushes. Seeing this, Imperial pushed harder, ultimately cracking FURIA’s defenses. However, Andrei “arT” Piovezan and KSCERATO came in just in time to secure a clutched round, rubbing salt into Imperial’s wounds.

By the time FURIA moved to the T side, the team already had a massive 12-3 advantage. Imperial finally got their game together and fought harder, however, the score gap was already too large and difficult to close. FURIA held their ground against Imperial’s desperate onslaught and although the latter won some rounds, slowly closing the gap, it was too little too late. The game eventually ended at 16-9 in favor of FURIA.

FURIA’s great performance would not have been the same without Yuri “yuurih” Santos, who finished with an impressive 19 frags. He was closely followed by André “drop” Abreu, Rafael “saffee” Costa, and KSCERATO, all finishing with 18 kills each. Ultimately no FURIA player stood out, as they all performed equally spectacularly.

What’s Next?

Now that FURIA defeated Imperial, they placed them in the lower bracket of IEM Dallas’ group B. Imperial will have to win three best-of-three series in a row to move to the playoffs. Meanwhile, FURIA advanced to the upper bracket and is two wins away from securing a spot in the playoffs.

This match, featuring the two biggest Brazilian CS:GO teams will be talked about for many months to come and will probably be the most important Brazilian show until the IEM Rio 2022 Major begins later this year.

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