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Published: August 11, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • BLAST Premier will be partnering with Nerd Street Gamers for a BLAST Premier Fall Showdown qualifier in North America
  • BLAST will use Nerd Street’s Fragadelphia event where one of eight teams will receive a spot in the Fall event
  • The Fragadelphia tournament itself will have a prize pool of $60,000

One lucky Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team will get a spot on BLAST’s Fall Showdown through the Fragadelphia 15 event.

Fragadelphia: A Gateway to the Fall Showdown

Philadelphian offline tournament series Fragadelphia 15 will collaborate with esports tournament organizer BLAST Premier for the hosting of a North American qualifier for the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. The news was first shared by esports network Nerd Street Gamers on their official Twitter page. Nerd Street Gamers is the organization behind Fragadelphia.

As per the deal, the qualifier will include the four best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams from Fragadelphia 15. Additionally, four teams will receive direct invitations, totaling the teams to 8. 

As for now only three of the invited teams have been revealed, with the last one expected to be announced on a later date. Here are the known participants:

  • Extra Salt
  • paiN Gaming

BLAST Premier’s commissioner Andrew Haworth spoke on the importance of North America to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ecosystem and to BLAST Premier. Because of this, Haworth said, it was crucial to secure a way for local organizations to get into the global BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. The commissioner is happy to receive the support of Nerd Street Gamers and is thankful for their help in sharing the Fragadelphia tournament with BLAST Premier. Haworth believes that Fragadelphia’s brand recognition will help boost the qualifier’s popularity.

Opportunities Await the Fragadelphia Winner

The best of the eight teams will receive a share of the $60,000 prize pool, $25,000 of which have been donated by the E-Sports Entertainment Association.

More importantly, the top team will get a direct invitation to the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown and by extension a shot at the latter event’s $162,500 prize pool

The Fragadelphia event is scheduled to run between September 10 and September 12. The top team will proceed to go to the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. The latter event will take place between October 12 and 17 where 16 of the most proficient Counter-Strike teams in the whole world will enter a heated competition over the $162,500 prize pool and the two spots for the BLAST Premier Fall Finals.

The Fragadelphia event will be a unique opportunity for a North American team to earn its way into BLAST’s bigger events.

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