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Published: August 31, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • He replaces Finest’s Guy “?anarkez?” Trachtman
  • It’s the first time in a month hades will be able to play on an active roster
  • Hades will be playing for Finest at least until the end of November

Finest is looking to broaden the talent available for its CS:GO roster and is doing so by acquiring ENCE’s former AWRer hades on loan until November 2022.

Finest Signs Hades

Polish AWEer Olek “?hades?” Miskiewicz has been recently signed by Finest who were looking for a replacement for Guy “?anarkez?” Trachtman. The contract comes just a few days after the organization parted ways with anarkez after a 13-month partnership earlier on Monday this week.

The deal also sees hades return to competition less than a month after ENCE moved him to the inactive CS:GO roster. The organization initially did this to create space for the arrival of former Movistar Riders’ AWPer Alvaro “SunPayus” Garcia.

The changes to Finest’s roster come after the team failed to qualify for IEM Road to Rio 2022 Europe. They finished outside of the top eight in all four open qualifiers for the RMR event with losses to the likes of flowstate and Forward.

This prompted the organization to release anarkez, who had been Finest’s longest-standing member, having joined in July 2021. With an average rating of 1.13, the 22-year-old player’s early performances were satisfying. He helped his team achieve numerous victories at the Pinnacle Cup IV, ESEA Advanced Season 38 Europe, and various online cash cups.

Hades’ Performance So Far

Hades, who had been inactive since his former team’s early elimination from IEM Cologne in July, joins Finest after a fruitful period as a member of ENCE, who also went through significant roster changes.

During his time with Finest, hades helped the team achieve victories at LOOT.BET Season 9 and Funspark ULTI 2021 Europe Playoffs 1. The 21-year-old Polish player was also a part of the organization’s incredible run of form in early 2022. Back then, Finest reached the finals of ESL Pro League Season 15 and IEM Dallas.

However, after April, the AWPer’s performance platoed. Eventually, Ence decided to replace hades with Alvaro “?SunPayus?” Garcia following the Spaniard’s impressive stint with Movistar Riders. Although joining Finest can be seen as a downgrade for hades’ career, he will at least have the opportunity to play in a lot of tournaments to prove himself for future contracts.

Finest’s team now consists of:

  • Simon “?twist?” Eliasson
  • Niclas “?PlesseN?” Plessen
  • Rasmus “?kreaz?” Johansson
  • Kristjan “?shokz?” Jakobson
  • Olek “?hades?” Miskiewicz
  • Jedrzej “?Bogdan?” Rokita (coach)
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