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Published: July 20, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Fnatic Rising is Fnatic’s new Counter-Strike academy team
  • The complete roster was announced just a bit before its debut in the WePlay Academy League
  • Fnatic Rising already had its first match against mousesports’ academy team but ended up losing

Fnatic completed its academy roster and debuted in the WePlay Academy League. The organization hopes to train its new players to become a part of the next generation of athletes.

Fnatic Rising’s Lineup

Esports organization Fnatic revealed its complete Counter-Strike: Global Offensive academy team some mere hours before the beginning of the WePlay Academy League. The organization has gathered a strong lineup of promising young esports athletes and hopes to reach far in WePlay’s circuit.

The organization’s academy team is called Fnatic Rising and will be comprised of the following players:

  • Kevin “?Kevve?” Bohlin (IGL)
  • Peppe “?Peppzor?” Borak (Rifle)
  • David “?prosus?” Hesse (AWP)
  • Francisco “?kst?” Fragoso (Rifle)
  • Iulian “?regali?” Harjau (Rifle)

Kevve is a former analyst. As an older player, he will serve as the team captain and will guide his team members to victory.

However that isn’t to say that the rest of Fnatic Rising isn’t experienced – for example, regali has shown great potential as an AWP wielder during his stay in his previous team, GameAgents.

In a tweet, Fnatic revealed that it hopes to turn Fnatic Rising into a “dynamic academy roster” that will “rotate between players and young talent” during WePlay’s league.

“Through this, we aim to provide each player opportunities to grow their skills and find their place in CS:GO esports,” the organization concluded.

The Academy League Gives Young Players a Chance to Shine

The WePlay Academy League is an initiative that is aimed towards discovering young esports talents and securing and training the next generation of professional players. Because of this, the league’s rules state that at least four of the five team members must be in the age diapason between 16 and 20. This way each team also has the opportunity to include a single more experienced player who will guide and teach the others as well as serve as a role model. In the Fnatic Rising that responsibility falls with Kevve.

Fnatic’s head coach, Andreas Samuelsson, will be switching to team director in order to be able to take care of both of the organization’s teams. In an interview, Samuelsson said that it is of utmost importance to create communication and a chain of experience-sharing between the two rosters in order to have both of them grow.

The team already had its first game in the WePlay Academy League against the competitor academy team from the mousesports organization – mouz NXT. Fnatic Rising ended up losing the match.

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