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Published: January 9, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Until now, the Counter-Strike team had remained unchanged for more than a year and a half
  • It is currently unknown who will replace the two departing players
  • UhKelsie said she is open to new offers and is eager to play in future Impact tournaments

Following a somewhat disappointing end of 2023, FlyQuest RED has decided to part ways with its two American players – Kelsie “⁠uhKelsie⁠” Click and Marissa “⁠madss⁠” Dasta.

Two Players Leave the Team

Often, esports organizations tend to change up their rosters every few months as players move around and as the management makes various adjustments in an effort to improve performance. However, on some rare occasions, teams can potentially have the same composition for years without any player learning. This was definitely the case for FlyQuest RED, which held its Counter-Strike quintet for more than a year and a half. However, even that came to an end when the organization announced it had parted ways with two of its players – Kelsie “⁠uhKelsie⁠” Click and Marissa “⁠madss⁠” Dasta.

This comes following FlyQuest RED having a somewhat disappointing ending to 2023. The team concluded ESL Impact League Season 4 Finals in 7-8th place after suffering losses to Fluxo Demons and HSG fe. At the time of writing of this article, the organization has not yet announced who will replace the two departing players.

Madss went onto Twitter to announce that she is now looking for a team, preferably in an anchor or support role, saying she is also open to offers from Europe. She also explained that despite her departure from FlyQuest RED’s lineup was somewhat sudden, there is no bad blood with the team and she is eager to play in future Impact events.

How Is FlyQuest RED’s Recent Performance

Madss and uhKelsie leave a legacy in FlyQuest RED that saw the team perform quite well domestically. This was also the case when the original quintet was playing under the CLG Red. Together, the five players accrued three consecutive top finishes in the North American division of ESL Impact League. The fact that the quintet played so well while in their previous organization was one of the main reasons FlyQuest entered CS:GO by signing them in early 2022.

However, this has not seemed to give the organization the desired effect. Although performing well on the domestic scene, the RED squad’s performance on the international stage left more to be desired.

Now, the organization has some time to prepare before their next major outing, with ESL Impact League Season 5 North America not slated to kick off until March 6. Considering some other organizations in the female Counter-Strike 2 pro scene in North America have disbanded their rosters, FlyQuest will have a lot of options to find two new players to fill the team. However, for now, the RED roster remains as follows:

  • Mounira “⁠GooseBreeder⁠” Dobie
  • Coline “⁠Kaoday⁠” Le Floc’h
  • Vivienne “⁠BiBiAhn⁠” Quach
  • Luca “Munstur” Ioanitiu (coach)
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