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Published: October 20, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • FaZe defeated ENCE 2-0 to eliminate them and qualify for the tournament’s semifinals
  • The team took the initiative very early and never let ENCE recover
  • FaZe ultimately made a perfect map that will go down in Counter-Strike history

IEM Sydney is marching onwards to its final stages and FaZe Clan have secured a spot in the event’s semifinals after taking ENCE 2-0 and blowing them away with a perfect 13-0 map on Anubis.

FaZe Defeat ENCE

Despite an initial setback on Day 1 of the event, Finn “⁠karrigan⁠” Andersen and company have been some of the best-performing players at IEM Sydney. The team has been rolling ahead this week, defeating enemy after enemy and it seems they are only gathering more and more momentum. This has led to a climactic match against ENCE, in which FaZe destroyed their opponents and even secured the first flawless win at a CS2 Big Event after beating the other team 13-0 on Anubis.

FaZe now earns a spot in the event’s semi-finals, which also serves as a signal that the team is finally back to its previous Counter-Strike levels of play. FaZe struggled during the closing stages of CS:GO in the summer months, exiting from tournaments such as IEM Cologne 2023 and ESL Pro League Season 18. After their loss to GamerLegion on the opening day of Sydney, it looked like their series of bad luck would continue. However, when FaZe eliminated Viutality in the lower bracket, they showed signs of life and have been on the roll ever since.

Here’s How the Match Went

It started on Nuke, where ENCE took the early lead with a 3-0. However, this would turn out to be their only major impact, as FaZe would come to dictate the rest of the game. By the end of the first half, FaZe had a stable 8-4 lead, which only grew as ENCE managed to win just a single round after that. FaZe then quickly wrapped up Nuke 13-5 and moved to Anubis.

That’s when the slaughter began, as the FaZe took the early lead and never let ENCE win a single round. Russel “⁠Twistzz⁠” Van Dulken was unstoppable on the map and averaged a 2.32 rating, playing a huge role in his team making a flawless 13-0 map, a victory that will forever be etched into Counter-Strike history.

“We knew Nuke was our map, we had a perfect Nuke, and I didn’t expect Anubis to be even better,” said Filip “⁠NEO⁠” Kubski after the match. “It was one of our main focus maps, we knew we can be good on the map, but not that good.”

FaZe’s next opponents will be MOUZ, who qualified straight to the semifinals after defeating BetBoom the other day. Considering both teams’ performances, it promises to be an exciting encounter.

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