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Published: October 18, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • It was an intense match that lasted the full three maps
  • GL is the third team that FaZe has eliminated from the event so far
  • FaZe now qualifies for the first round of the playoffs

FaZe Clan took revenge on GamerLegion, which was the team that sent them to Group A’s lower bracket on the very first day of IEM Sydney.

FaZe Defeats GamerLegion

As the IEM Sydney is going forward, the qualifiers for the event’s first round of the playoffs are slowly being revealed. FaZe Clan is among the lucky ones after the team defeated GamerLegion 2-1 in a contested match in Group A, which ended in the latter team’s elimination from the tournament.

Interestingly, this is the second time during the IEM Sydney that both teams go up against each other. GamerLegion and FaZe first clashed in the event’s opening series before the final group stage bout. The first time it was the European squad that knocked FaZe down to the lower bracket with a tight 19-15 on Nuke on the first day of the tournament. There, the North American squad had to face formidable opponents to stay alive but managed to eliminate Vitality in a hard-fought match.

However, FaZe were not out of the woods yet, as a defeat would mean they would also be leaving IEM Sydney rather early. The lower bracket of tournaments is almost always very rough for teams but FaZe triumphed once more, this time defeating Natus Vincere in yet another close match, and also sent them packing from the event. Following this, it was time for FaZe to take revenge on GamerLegion.

Here’s How the Match Went

As the previous two encounters of FaZe set the trend, this match would also last the full three maps and see many upturns. The two teams initially faced off on Ancient, GamerLegion’s pick and both teams traded rounds and stayed relatively close to each other during the whole ordeal. However, it was Finn “⁠karrigan⁠” Andersen’s men who stole the map at the end, finishing with a too-close-for-comfort 13-11.

The match moved on to Inferno, but FaZe performed somewhat poorly, despite them picking the map. Karrigan’s men managed just a few rounds while GL were dominating the map the entire time and ended it with a stable 13-7 lead. Despite that, FaZe’s captain demonstrated an amazing triple kill with a deagle on the B-site.

It was all down to Nuke, where GamerLegion took the early lead, posting a 5-1 before FaZe could respond. However, respond they did and for the rest of the map, won 12 out of the 13 rounds played, to finish the map with a 13-6 and wrap up the match 2-1.

GamerLegion now leaves IEM Sydney while FaZe’s next opponents will be the winners of ENCE vs. G2 in the first round of the playoffs.

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