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Published: April 26, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Josef “?faveN?” Baumann will miss out on the Brazy Party CS:GO tournament
  • David “?prosus?” Hesse from the BIG Academy roster will substitute for him at the event
  • This will be a great opportunity for him to play on the big stage

BIG’s Josef “?faveN?” Baumann will take some time off to celebrate his wedding and will miss the team’s participation in the $300K Brazy Party online tournament.

FaveN Will Miss the Event

BIG’s rifler Josef “?faveN?” Baumann will be unable to compete at Brazy Party, the organization announced yesterday. Instead, the German team will bring in David “?prosus?” Hesse, to substitute the 23-year-old at the $330 000 online competition that’s being held from April 26 to May 3. 

Considering faveN was BIG’s second-best player during the squad’s recent 5-6th place run at IEM Rio, his absence from the current tournament will likely be felt hard. His substitute, 20-year-old David “?prosus?” Hesse from BIG’s academy roister, has posted a 1.17 rating, which is slightly higher than faveN, but it is yet to be seen how the younger player would perform on the bigger stage. 

Fortunately, faveN’s reason to miss the tournament is a positive one, as the player will be taking some time off to celebrate his wedding. 

While he is off to celebrate, prosus will be briefly reunited with his former teammates, Krimbo, Nils “?k1to?” Gruhne, and Marcel “?hyped?” Köhn. Both of them were part of BIG’s academy roster over the past year. Perhaps if prosus performs well at Brazy Party, he could also earn a place in BIG’s main squad. Of the 489 maps the 20-year-old player has been part of, he has played just 28 against top-30 opposition in his career.

His chances of performing well are also helped by the fact that he will play in a solid team. BIG are entering Group B of the event as the highest-rated team. They will face Marcelo “?coldzera?” David’s 00NATION on Wednesday as their opening match. The other participants of the group are Into the Breach and paiN, both decently powerful teams. This will provide prosus with a lot of chances to play against strong opposition and prove himself on the bigger stage.

This year’s Brazy Party will offer a total prize pool of $330 000, with the winner of the event taking home the lion’s share of $133K. It will feature a total of 16 teams separated into four groups. All of the matches of the group stage will be best-of-threes, with the top two teams of each group advancing to the playoffs, which will in turn be a single-elimination bracket with the matches also being best-if-threes. 

BIG will participate in the event with the following roster:

  • Johannes “?tabseN?” Wodarz
  • Karim “?Krimbo?” Moussa
  • Nils “?k1to?” Gruhne
  • Marcel “?hyped?” Köhn
  • David “?prosus?” Hesse (stand-in)
  • Fatih “?gob b?” Dayik (coach)
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