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Published: February 3, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Entropiq rebuilds after putting up Russian-based squad for transfer in October
  • The new roster consists of an assortment of European players
  • AWPer Michal “?snatchie?” Rudzki is one key player around whom Enropiq is rebuilding

Entropiq have been struggling the past year, but are now ready to face new challenges after revealing their new roster built around Polish AWPer Michal “?snatchie?” Rudzki.

Entropiq Unveils Roster

A new European mixture of players is Entropiq’s new main roster for the 2023 competitive CS:GO season. The Czech professional esports organization decided to renew its roster after parting ways with the formerly Russia-based main squad. The team put the roster up for transfer in October, citing as its main reason the difficulty of fulfilling business goals.

The new roster is comprised of other Slavs and one German, with Entropiq building the new roster around Polish AWPer Michal “?snatchie?” Rudzki. The 25-year-old player departs his native Poland for the first time since last representing Sprout in 2020. He then spent half a year under AGO until he was recently released from his contract as the organization is in the middle of a major restructuring of its CS:GO branch. 

Who Are snatchie’s New Teammates?

With an average rating of 1,10 over 72 maps, snatchie was one of his team’s best-performing players. The Polish player also posted average or above-average displays in every one of his team’s tournament outings. 

He now comes under the guidance of his compatriot, Mariusz “?Loord?” Cybulski, who is Entropiq’s new head coach. The 35-year-old CS veteran is notably serving a five-Major ban for his use of the infamous CS:GO coaching bug. Despite that, he comes in with a ton of experience, previously being the captain of Kinguin and Wisla Krakow. His most recent stint was with cowana as the organization ceased operations in December.

The two Poles are joined by the two Czechs of the team – Filip “?AJTT?” Dolenský and Josef “?MoriiSko?” Maurenc. Both retain their places on the roster after being a part of Entropiq Prague’s former project. With the riflers averaging 1.09 and 1.05 ratings, respectively, both were key pieces in the team’s domestic and regional tournament appearances over the past year and a half.

Entropiq’s roster is completed by Rudolf “?Rutk0?” Kovalcik and Christoph “?red?” Hinrichs. playing just five HLTV-featured series throughout the entirety of 2022, the 20-year-old Slovak player is largely untested yet. Meanwhile, his German colleague comes to the team after previously representing NLG, where he sported a 1.09 rating over 91 maps and made a handful of local LAN appearances.

With this revamped roster, Entropiq hopes to make up for the somewhat lackluster 2022.

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