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Published: May 30, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • ENCE have replaced the two players with newcomer podi and veteran player sdy
  • The org stated the team needs a “team to win systematically” as its motivation for the move
  • Many fans seemed baffled by the sudden roster changes

In a controversial move, ENCE removed one of its best players, hades, along with dycha, in an attempt to attain future goals.

ENCE Bench Two Players

Finnish esports organization ENCE has recently undergone some major changes to its CS2 roster. The org has benched two playters – Poles Paweł “dycha” Dycha and Aleksander “hades” Miskiewicz and had bought Fin Paavo “podi” Heiskanen and Ukrainian Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev in their place.

While it’s not uncommon for an org to replace multiple members at a time, some of these changes baffled fans. Dycha has been in a lackluster form for a few months now, amassing negative stats in numerous tournaments this year. For this reason, it makes sense that ENCE might want to replace him. However, hades has been a stand-out player for ENCE, and fans can’t believe this roster move.

According to the organization’s official statement, the dual move was made in response to ENCE not reaching the desired level of performance. With this being the case, the org has decided to search for new vigor through roster changes, welcoming 19-year-old talent podi and CS veteran sdy to the roster.

“In the current season, we have met the goals set beforehand, but my sporting ambition does not allow me to accept the lack of progression,” said Head Coach Jakub “kuben” Gurczyński about the signings. “We gave this team many chances and tried to solve ongoing problems in every possible way, but unfortunately, things didn’t click in this setup. The aura built on the Katowice run quickly passed, and frustration grew in each of us.”

The coach further noted that the Counter-Strike organization needs a “team to win systematically”. According to him, the roster had lately lost the “spark” that makes the environment fun and that the organization was thus “forced to make changes”.

Fans React to the News

While ENCE thanked its now-former players for the time and effort they spent, many fans were baffled at the roster changes. “HADES??? ARE YOU DRUNK???” esports content creator Express replied to the news, regarding the removal of the otherwise rather successful AWPer.

Other fans seem to agree with the content creator as they responded with equal questioning. Some pointed out that replacing hades with podi is a mistake, simply based on the stats. Hades has a 1.12 rating, according to HLTV, while podi sports a 1.10 rating. While the difference isn’t much, it’s still there.

It remains to see if the somewhat controversial changes will play out in ENCE’s favor. Meanwhile, both dycha and hades thanked the organization for the time spent and stated they are ready for new squads.

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