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Published: July 17, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The organization unveiled its new junior CS:GO lineup
  • The team consists of largely unproven talents
  • ENCE says it chose these players as their personalities and playstyles “mashed really well”

Next month the competitive CS:GO community will see a new set of pros joining its ranks as ENCE is launching an all-Finnish academy roster.

ENCE Unveils Its New Team

ENCE recently announced the launch of a new junior CS:GO roster under the aptly named ENCE Academy sub-organization. The team will be comprised entirely of young Finnish players who will be led by in-game leader Veeti “?S1rva?” Sirva. He will be joined by AWP-er Paavo “?podi?” Heiskanen and the three riflers Henri “?HENU?” Ylilehto, Youssef “?juissi?” Adam, and Ville “?myltsi?” Vilkman.

“Our academy team is now set, and I couldn’t be happier,” said Program Lead Eemeli “Woomera” Ikonen. “We’re proud to start developing this team alongside Whitey and the whole organization. We want to offer our players the best possible growth environment to develop themselves towards the international playing field.”

Who Are These Young Players?

Setting up a new team of novice players is always a gamble for any esports organization. However, ENCE has done its research and has chosen players with a large potential.

Perhaps the most well-known member of the team is rifler Ville “?myltsi?” Vilkman as he enjoyed a four-month stint in Enterprise. The 17-year-old helped his team reach relative success in the lower tier events during 2022, such as a third place at Tipsport Bratislava Cup 2022.

Myltsi’s team members, however, have experience so far only on the domestic stage. HENU previously played for SJ and S1rva and juissi previously competed together at EXEN. The most unproven member of the team remains AWP-er podi, who has collected just two maps on HLTV thus far.

“Although the results are important to me, the team, and the organization,” commented team coach Whitey about the new players,” the biggest focus point with this team is to improve every single player both in and out of the server and to mold them into being a better player and person for their future careers in Counter-Strike.”

ENCE picked this particular lineup of talents because their styles, roles, and personalities meshed “really well,” according to coach Whitey. The organization’s goal is to improve every single player on the all-Finnish roster with the guidance of the British coach.

The team will make its debut in August at Assembly Summer CS:GO Pro Tournament in Finland, where it will go up against the best domestic teams.

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