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Published: April 20, 2021

Written by: Kyamil Nasuf

  • FPX’s vacant in-game leader spot has finally been filled by professional player emi
  • FPX bought the GODSENT roster in January but had to later use suNny as a stand-in  
  • Emi has played with the FPX lineup during their time at GODSENT and will be a welcome addition to the team

CS:GO player emi will play with his former teammates once again as he steps in as their new team’s in-game leader. 

Emi’s Reunion With His Former Teammates 

Luka “emi” Vukovic will now take the seat of FunPlus Phoenix’s new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in-game leader. The captain position had been vacant for a while, and such addition was strongly needed. The news was announced on the organization’s official Twitter page. 

This may prove quite a strategic addition as emi has formerly played as a teammate of FunPlus Phoenix’s current roster during the roster’s years under GODSENT. Therefore emi is a well-familiar face among the organization’s team members and will probably have an easier time synchronizing with them – something truly important for one in the position of a team captain. 

FunPlus Phoenix or FPX is an esports organization that came into possession of the GODSENT roster at the beginning of this year. GODSENT player zehnSTYKOmadenfarlig and famous coach Devilwalk transferred to FPX. 

The team strengthened its lineup further by loaning Chris “chrisJ” de Jong from mousesports for a while. ChrisJ took the position as the in-game leader but eventually returned to his original team. FPX then took in Miikka “suNny” Kemppi for the length of the ESL Pro League, but this was also a temporary alliance as suNny is currently working for the new team project of Swedish CS:GO legend Robin “flusha” Rönnquist.

The acquisition of emi will now add a sense of security for the team. Moreover, the player is no stranger to being a leader. He has previously served as a coach for CR4ZY and later as a captain. However, in CR4ZY’s ranks, emi soon became benched, and a bit later, GR4ZY left the CS:GO scene, leaving emi in a search for a new team. 

Now the player and his former GODSENT teammates have been united once more and will strive for the precious qualification points for the upcoming Major. 

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