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Published: April 30, 2021

Written by: Kyamil Nasuf

  • Valve confirmed the issues with the “Trusted Mode” in CS:GO and promised they are now fixed
  • The anti-cheat system seemed to cause more problems than it solved
  • The game company did not share further details on exactly what caused the issues and needed fixing

Valve didn’t get its priorities straight with a recent Counter-Strike patch which angered the game’s fanbase. To calm the outrage, the company quickly acted to fix the issue.

An Outrage Caused by Bad Priorities

Valve has finally addressed the “Trusted Mode” issues that fans had been complaining about for a long time. According to the company, everything should now work as intended.

The Trusted mode is a system that lets players launch the game in a way that disables all third-party programs from interacting with the game. Its purpose is to limit cheaters in the game. However it came with a wide range of issues that Valve wasn’t too quick to address.

The peak of the community’s disgruntlement came on 24 April when a new patch failed to fix what needed fixing. Instead of that, the patch focused on the so-called OBS loophole. It was a way to exploit the game in a non-harmful way and was that let streamers broadcast the game while using the Trusted mode, despite the game blocking out third-party software.

Fans accused the company of not getting its priorities straight and overlooking much more dire problems within the Trusted mode. Many claimed cheaters were still finding a way to go around it and that it was borderline useless. Even more shockingly, according to people including Harry “JustHarry” Russell and Mohan “launders” Govindasamy, cheating not only hasn’t disappeared but has instead increased. Streamer “Anomaly” later joked about the company belittling the sever issue as “bad matches”. 

Valve Moved Forward to Solve the Issue

Desperately needing to calm down fans’ tension, Valve quickly got to work. Yesterday they made an announcement that confirmed the Trusted Mode had sever issues. The company promised that those issues had been patched and everything should run smoothly without further issues. The company did not confirm all that has been fixed but humbly thanked fans for their feedback.

Feedback continued to drop as numerous prominent fans presented their points of view about the state of the game and what needs to be done to better it. Some are still skeptical about the Trusted mode. Tres “stunna” Saranthus suggested that Valve’s energy is better spent on improving what’s there instead of introducing new stuff. According to Saranthus, the game would benefit much more from an improved matchmaking and anti-cheat system.

Whether Trusted mode has been completely figured out will become clear in the next few days. Fans have been becoming increasingly demanding at Valve to improve numerous aspects of the game. Recently numerous professionals listed many things that need looking into. Valve for its part is also trying to keep the game and the surrounding competitive scene in a healthy state and recently reworked the VAC ban rulings.

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