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Published: December 7, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • CS:GO legend pashaBiceps takes on an MMA fighter in February
  • Pasha has been long associated with healthy gaming lifestyle
  • He trains young gamers in Poland how to be better at CS:GO and live healthily

Esports and CS:GO titan pashaBiceps walks out in the octagon to take on real fighters as he promotes a healthy gaming lifestyle.

PashaBiceps to Fight Owca in MMA Promotion

Here is a man who lives up to his Counter-Strike nickname. Jaroslaw Jarzabkowski, known to fans of the game amicably as “pashaBiceps,” may have conquered the summits of competitive CS:GO play, but he is hardly done. The 33-year-old gamer-turned-fighter will take on some serious challenge when he enters the HIGH League Season 2, a Polish MMA promotion, with his first fight set for February 5, 2022, at Tauron Arena in Krakow.

As an esports gamer, pashaBiceps has been one of the most adamant supporters of a healthy lifestyle that promoted both a healthy body and mind, attributing many of his career successes to this balance he was able to achieve. He is still a signed streamer for Team Liquid and has done a lot to dissipate the stigma around gaming, namely that games tend to be of frail mind and body.

Having won a CS:GO Major, pashaBiceps is ready to take his lifestyle up a notch as he will face Owca. The fight though won’t pit him against the toughest MMA fighters but rather against other influencers from social media who have the same commitment and dedication to staying healthy.

Naturally, the news that the former CS:GO professional will now try his prowess at fighting opponents in the octagon spread quickly. He has been receiving strong support from CS:GO fans, both old and new, who said that pasha’s way was the right way.

Not only that, but pashaBiceps has taken his philosophy a notch further, opening gaming camps for young Polish talent where he trains video gamers to excel at Counter-Strike while combining those training sessions with physical activity and exercise.

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