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Published: February 8, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Players have discovered how to write slurs and other offensive words using stickers
  • The community has received the new trend with mixed feelings
  • Many wonder how Valve did not foresee this coming

CS2’s latest update allows stickers to be placed anywhere on a gun, allowing players to spell out various controversial words on their weapons.

A New Trend Arose

Cosmetics have been a crucial part of Counter-Strike long before the release of CS2 a few months ago. One of these most-beloved visuals is stickers as they allow players a lot more customization of their guns. However, following the game’s most recent update, players have found an unorthodox way of using them.

Over the past couple of months, CS2 seemed a little bit quiet as the game didn‘t receive many updates. This was a problem for a long time as fans complained Valve wasn’t fixing CS2’s bugs and was instead focusing on other unimportant issues. However, the company finally released a new updater that improved many things and also made significant changes to stickers, which are now able to be placed anywhere on the weapon. Additionally, players can now use five stickers on their gun, instead of the previous four, giving them even more options for customization.

However, it was not long before some fans found ways to spell out various crude words using them. Although it was already possible to spell out three- or four-letter offensive words with a few sticker combos, the new update has made it easier. The new changes also allowed for a more “varied vocabulary” to be had.

How the Community Reacted

Interestingly, this has caused sticker sales to rise, with some prices going up quite a bit. One of the most egregious examples is perhaps the “GG” sticker, which can be used to write out a particular slur.

Naturally, the community received this trend with quite mixed feelings. Some fans like the freedom the new changes allow while others find it very funny. Others have reacted negatively and considered how some players could use an update and turn it into a harmful thing. This makes one wonder how Valve did not account for how some players may abuse the feature.

The company has not yet commented on the situation and it also remains to see if this trend will continue or die out soon. It is also unknown if players could be banned for writing out crude or offensive words using stickers, so they should perhaps use the new feature with caution.

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