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Published: October 21, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • PGL has sent the official rules and protocols for the upcoming PGL Major in Stockholm
  • According to them, players who turn in a positive COVID-19 test may be disqualified from the event
  • This sparked some concerns among participating teams

PGL revealed that the COVID-19 protocols of the upcoming Stockholm Major may require the organizers to disqualify any players who test positive for the virus.

The PGL Major May See Sick Players Disqualified

The PGL Major in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is just around the corner. With the tournament starting in a few days, the organizers have revealed some concerning details about the on-site regulations.

Gaming news outlet Dexerto was among the ones who receive the official tournament rulebook. Most of the regulations seem to be the usual – people should wear a mask at all times, keep their distance, etc. However, the rulebook adds that anyone who shows symptoms of the virus should be tested. Should a participant turn a positive test, they may be disqualified for the event. It is yet to be heard whether the substitute player will be able to take a disqualified player’s place.

Needless to say, teams are a bit concerned about this ruling as it may truly mess with the tournament. Most of the athletes think that some kind of compromise should be sought. They believe that a more sensible solution might be to isolate the ill player but let them play from their hotel room. This is the exact solution that was adopted during the IEM Cologne a few months ago.

The topic hasn’t been discussed enough yet but it is perhaps too late for PGL to implement changes.

The Protocols Probably Aren’t a Subject to Change

One of the main differences between the current PGL Major and the IEM Cologne is that the latter had no live audience whatsoever. On the contrary, the PGL Major’s playoff stage will take place live at the Avicii Arena where crowds will be allowed to watch the event live.

Therefore, it will be extremely difficult for PGL to make any changes, unless they decide to back down on the live audience plans like The International 10 in Romania did. Yet, this will present other difficulties.

It hurts to hear that the long-awaited CS:GO major may have professional players and teams disqualified over COVID-19. Yet, especially considering all the trouble PGL went through to have the event hosted in Sweden, it is perhaps for the best for the organizers to be extra careful with the pandemic protocols.

The event will begin in five days. 

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