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Published: March 30, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • CS2 has wall bangs ghat wok in bizarre places
  • Players also want Valve to re-introduce some old cosmetic features
  • CS2’s beta currently does not have a weapon inspection and cancellation

A week into CS2’s closed beta, fans have found interesting ways in which the Source 2 engine works, while longing for Valve to re-introduce key CS:GO features.

Wall Bangs Are Back in CS2

With the Counter-Strike franchise already being well over 20 years old, players are used to seeing key gameplay features persist in each iteration of the game. But as Counter-Strike 2 was announced to be released this year, many players have flocked together to discuss the upcoming game’s mechanics. One feature that was key as far back as CS1.6 is wall bangs. These used to be a constant concern for players as they pushed around the map and it looks like they will once again be such in CS2. 

Just over a week into the closed beta of the game, some players have noticed that if you spray through the wall and ceiling at CT spawn on A-short on Dust 2 you can actually hit enemies. While this has been discovered only on that particular spot, it’s highly likely that more such map oddities will appear. 

The following weeks of testing will no doubt reveal more such strange wall bang spots. But as the video above shows, some of the wall banging places make no sense, like being able to shoot through concrete walls. It’s likely Valve will fix most of these, but current beta players should still have in mind the fact that they can be shot from across the map through walls.

Fans Want Some Features Back

While Valve is still working on ironing out some of the game’s oddities, fans are discussing what the company could add to CS2’s full release. One player recently made a Reddit post describing what they think should be re-added to the game. Of these, one particular feature stood out – weapon inspections.

In the current beta, players cannot inspect their weapons and immediately cancel the inspection with the R button. Many players pointed out in the comments that while it was a small feature, it certainly needs to be fixed in CS2. “That is a BIG nerf to the old karambit,” one top-voted comment reads. 

While this is not necessarily a key gameplay feature, it’s certainly one that was quite popular in CS:GO, and players want it back. “I literally can’t play if I’m not able to spam the inspect animation of the default knives,” one commenter wrote. “Ahhh I NEED the inspect cancel, how else am I supposed to show off my karambit/butterfly/etc. spinning skills,” another comment reads. 

It’s clear that CS2 needs a lot more work to be done, and Valve would perhaps do wise to listen to what fans have to say.

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