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Published: March 14, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The team unexpectedly benches regali and replaces him with farling
  • This ends farling’s year-long period without a team
  • It seems regali simply did not fit very well in the all-Danish team

Following their failure to qualify for the BLAST Paris Major Europe RMRs, Danish CS:GO team Copenhagen Flames announced they are replacing Iulian “?regali?” Harjau.

Farling Replaces Regali

Asger “farlig” Jensen is returning to Copenhagen Flames as the team’s new AWPer. The news comes after the team benched Romanian player Iulian “?regali?” Harjau, who has also been transfer-listed. This ends farling’s one year without a team since the player had a failed stint with Astralis and then struggled to find consistent impact.

Despite failing to qualify for the BLAST Paris Major Europe RMRs, Copenhagen Flames have been one of the most consistently impressive in tier two competitive CS:GO since the lineup was revamped last year. Some of the team’s most important achievements in the past few months include winning several online events like CCT South Europe Series 1 and the European Development Championship 6.

Adding this to the fact that regali has been Copenhagen Flames’ best player statistically since the roster was put together, his benching and replacement by farling is confusing. With a 1.20 rating during his tenure, the Romanian was regarded for some time as one of the most promising young AWPers in the scene. 

Why Did the Change Happen?

Head of Esports at Copenhagen Flames Philip Karsbøl tried to explain the organization’s reasoning in an official statement on the transfer, noting that reagli is indeed a very skillful player. “As far as his raw skill and mechanical abilities are concerned, he already belongs to the absolute world elite,” Karsbøl explains. “At the same time, we also have to recognize that in some ways the fit isn’t perfect for how we want to play and the direction of the team. And so we have made this change to improve the overall level of the squad.”

So it seems that regali, despite his high skill level, simply did not work well with the team. It’s likely there was a considerable language barite, considering he is the only foreigner in the all-Danish team. Meanwhile, Copenhagen Flames think farling is a perfect fit for the team. “He is first and foremost a fantastic guy and teammate, but in addition, he is also an incredibly talented player who historically has performed at a very high level at our club,” Karsbøl said about the player. 

Farling has already made his re-debut with Copenhagen Flames, losing 0-2 against Aurora in the BetBoom Playlist Urbanistic, but later redeemed himself by helping his team win against Sashi Esports.

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