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Published: December 22, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Complexity may be focusing on North America making a determined return to the region with a brand-new roster
  • The organization may not be acquiring Copenhagen Flames’ players as per previous reports
  • Rather, Complexity is now reportedly looking to acquire some of Extra Salts’ players and enter the NA CS:GO scene in late January

Complexity is looking to make a full return to the North American CS:GO scene. That is what reports by Dexerto and HLTV suggest.

Time to Make North America Complexity’s Stomping Ground

Complexity is still not entirely certain what the future holds for the organization insofar as it’s North American Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ambitions go. The team missed an important milestone when its international roster failed to qualify for the PGL Stockholm Major, sapping the last bit of morale it had. 

After several players left, Complexity’s roster has been reduced to only Justin “jks” Savage as the lone gunner on the bench. Yet, for the organization to move back into competitive play it would need players. Complexity reportedly tried to sign Copenhagen Flames in early December, but any possible negotiations between the organizations seem to have quieted down, whether due to the holidays or because of lack of interest, Dexerto wrote.  

However, Complexity is not entirely giving up the gun on this one. Instead, the organization may be heading into a new direction, head-hunting individual players, based on HLTV reporting, the premier source for Counter-Strike community news. Complexity is possibly looking to acquire Johnny “?JT?” Theodosiou, Justin “?FaNg?” Coakley and Ricky “?floppy?” Kemery to fill its roster.

The Future Isn’t at All Bad for Complexity

All three players are part of Extra Salt’s trio. Another player from Extra Salt’s roster may be joining, to name Paytyn “?junior?” Johnson, and there are also rumors that Team Liquid’s rifler Michael “Grim” Wince will also be joining the lineup. Of course, the HLTV report is based on anonymous sources, but the CS:GO community is pretty much aware of most behind-the-scene arrangements which are hard to keep a secret for long.

Should Complexity succeed, though, this will be the first time it ran a North American team since 2019, marking the organization’s return to competitive CS:GO in the region, but also boosting the ecosystem as a whole. With a lot of talent trickling off to Valorant over 2021, CS:GO is once again beckoning to organizations and old pros and they seem to be answering the call.

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