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Published: December 3, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • According to reports from several independent esports news outlets, Complexity Gaming is trying to get its hands on the Copenhagen Flames roster
  • The Flames proved their worth in the PGL Major and have been since approached by various organizations
  • Complexity’s acquisition of the Flames will mark a significant change of strategy for the organization

After clearing its roster, Complexity Gaming is reportedly looking to acquire the talented Copenhagen Flames lineup.

A Change of Pace for Complexity

According to several reports from various gaming news outlets, the esports organization Complexity Gaming is in talks with the Copenhagen Flames CS:GO team. The rumors have it that the org plans to sign the promising team in the wake of parting ways with its own members.

Esports Fire and Jaxon have both reported rumors of the acquisition happening, giving more credibility to the story. This will mark a huge change of tactics for Complexity Gaming as instead of trying to gather a lineup of professionals, the org will instead try to nurture young talent.

Until recently, the Copenhagen Flames were a fairly unheard-of team. Despite being the underdogs, the talented Danish players not only managed to qualify for the PGL Major in Stockholm but also prevailed over some of the long-time esports giants, such as Astralis, BIG, FaZe Clan and Heroic, among others. Copenhagen Flames’ devotion and hard work didn’t go unnoticed and the young athletes were quickly flooded with offers.

The Flames Are Reportedly Favorable of Complexity’s Offer

According to the esports journalists, Complexity Gaming seems to be the most likely to acquire the Flames and each of the players currently negotiating their deals.

Complexity recently cleared house by dismissing some of its players and transferring others.Patrick “es3tag” Hansen was acquired by Ninjas in Pyjamas, Justin “jks” Savage was listed on the transfer market and Marcelo “coldzera” David didn’t renew his contract. Furthermore, Benjamin “blameF” Bremer, Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke, Valentin “poizon” Vasilev had been dismissed in October.

If the acquisition goes live, Complexity’s new roster will be comprised of the following players:

  • Fredrik “?roeJ?” Jørgensen
  • Jakob “?jabbi?” Nygaard
  • Nico “?nicoodoz?” Tamjidi
  • Rasmus “?HooXi?” Nielsen
  • Rasmus “?Zyphon?” Nordfoss

Even if the esports organization manages to acquire the promising players, it will still have to find a suitable coach who will help polish the players’ skills and nurture their pre-existing talent. If Complexity Gaming plays its card correctly and handles the Flames’ potential well, it may soon find itself topping tournaments. 

A few days ago, Complexity Gaming unveiled a new initiative, demonstrating the organization’s intentions of becoming a leading esports and gaming lifestyle giant.

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