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Published: April 5, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The team takes home the title after defeating fellow Russian team FORZE
  • C9’s sh1ro emerges as the team’s MVP across all matches played
  • Despite losing, FORZE and other teams performed unexpectedly well in the tournament

Cloud9 continue their recent string of successes by defeating FORZE 2-0 at the BetBoom Playlist Urbanistic 2023 and taking home the $165 000 grand prize.

C9 Emerge Victorious

Vladislav “?nafany?” Gorshkov’s men have emerged victorious from the BetBoom Playlist Urbanistic 2023, defeating Falcons, GODSDENT, and FORZE on their way to the top. Cloud9 was invited directly to the event’s quarter-finals, while FORZE began their journey at the online tournament all the way back in February, taking part in the opening Swiss-style group.

Despite being on the verge of elimination after a 0-2 start in the first phase, FORZE, under the leadership of Andrey “?Jerry?” Mekhryakov, managed to fight on, which eventually set them on a collision course against C9. However, their luck and Jerry’s leadership did not make a difference, as the team suffered another 0-2 loss against Cloud9, resulting in them taking the event’s second place

How Did Teams and Players Perform?

Cloud9 owe their success in large part to the actions of 21-year-old Dmitry “?sh1ro?” Sokolov, who finished as the highest-rated player at the event with a 1.49 rating averaged over six maps played. With a similar rating, the young AWPer also performed well in the final match against FORZE.

But the Russian team’s players were not the only ones that showed great skill in the tournament. Joel “?joel?” Holmlund and Iulian “?regali?” Harjau from GODSENT and Copenhagen Flames, respectively, also stand out with high ratings. Joel, in particular, powered his team to the semi-finals with a 1.41 rating over 14 maps, making him the third-highest-scoring player at the BetBoom Playlist Urbanistic 2023.

FORZE, although struggling initially, managed to quickly sweep away Bad News Eagles who were the highest-ranked team at the start of the tournament. FORZE then turned their sights towards, who were sent packing home without a single map win to their name. The tournament had more upsets, however. One particular one was that of GODSENT eliminating BIG, a team that’s ranked 15 spots above them. However, the Swedish roster’s luck ran out when Cloud9 defeated them in the semifinals. Despite that, GODSENT’s run through the tournament was a highlight for the roster. The Swedes topped the Swiss group with a 3-0 record and claimed victories over Sprout, Sangal, and HEET.

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