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Published: May 4, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • The Russian-majority team beat the Danish one 2-1 after an exhausting match
  • Both teams dominated each other on Overpass and Vertigo, before the last heated battle in Inferno
  • This victory boosts C9’s morale after they failed to qualify for the BLAST Paris Major

Cloud9 have emerged victorious from their tough battle against Astralis at the final of Brazy Party and have won the grand prize of $133 000. 

C9 Win the Online Tournament

Brazy Party has ended with a spectacular performance by Cloud9 and Astralis, who faced each other at the grand finals of the online CS:GO tournament yesterday. The last match of the event spanned the full three maps and saw many ups and downs from both teams, but it was the Russian-majority C9 who stole the 2-1 victory from their Danish opponents. 

Cloud9’s victory at the tournament brings them and their fan base a much-needed boost in confidence after the team failed to qualify for the upcoming BLAST Premier Paris Major, which starts on Monday, May 8. However, the Russian-majority squad will have more opportunities to prove itself as its next big challenge will be the EIM Dallas, set to run on May 29-June 4. Cloud9 secured a berth at the event after defeating OG and will now aim to win back-to-back trophies in Texas after previously doing so at the tournament’s 2022 edition.

Meanwhile, the match was undoubtedly a disappointment for Astralis. The tournament served as the debut of Alexander “⁠Altekz⁠” Givskov with the squad, and Astralis can boast of breaking 9INE’s 16-streak win on Vertigo during the Danes’ path to Brazy Party’s finals. 

How Did the Final Match Go?

The online tournament’s final match started on Astralis’ map pick, Overpass, where the Danish team displayed a spectacular level of play. Astralis quickly gained a 5-0 lead on the T-side, which was only stopped by a triple kill from Abay “⁠HObbit⁠” Khassenov in round six for Cloud9 to get on the board. 

However, this was not enough for C9 to turn the tides of battle because a series of strong performances from Astralis’ Benjamin “⁠blameF⁠” Bremer helped the team gain a five-round lead by the time the sides switched. From then on, it was smooth sailing for the Danes who quickly wrapped up Overpass with a score dominating of 16-5.

Cloud9 have had enough of this, however, and took the lead on the second map, Vertigo. The Russian-majority roster was eager for vengeance and managed to keep enough distance between themselves and their Danish opponents to end the first half with a score of 9-6. Once the sides changed, Cloud9 did what Astralis had done to them on the previous map, and absolutely dominated the Danes to close out Vertigo with a score of 16-7.

With honor and the grand prize of $133 000 to play for, both teams entered the final map, Inferno. And as if by design, fans were treated to a very close fight between the two finalists, making for a thrilling last map of the tournament. Cloud9 took the first pistol round before Astralis regained the initiative on the next two. However, the Russian-majority squad regained the initiative later and got a comfortable 4-round lead before Astralis could answer. Both teams then traded rounds, but it was Cloud9 who had a 9-6 advantage as the sides switched.

Astralis managed to equalize the results to 9-9 by winning three rounds in the second half. However, Cloud9 responded with a solid defense of the two bomb sites with the majority-Russian roster nabbing six rounds on the trot to get onto the map and series point. But Astralis was not planning on giving them the victory so easily and scored a few rounds in an attempt to force overtime.

Unfortunately, their efforts were not enough to close the gap quickly enough, as Cloud9 won one final round to secure Inferno 16-12 and take home the Brazy Party trophy.

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