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Published: April 2, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Russian team now becomes the defacto favorite in the event
  • Their road to the finals was made easier by them receiving an invite directly for the semi-final
  • Cloud9 will face the victor of the match between MOUZ and FORZE

Cloud9 dominated GODSENT 2-0 Overpass and Ancient to secure a spot at the finals of BetBoom Playlist Urbanistic.


BetBoom Playlist Urbanistic is closing in on its end and one of the finalists has already been decided after Cloud9 defeated GODSENT. The Russian team will face the winners of the other semifinalist match between MOUZ and FORZE who are going to go head-to-head this Sunday. 

Cloud9’s run in the BetBoom Playlist Urbanistic was rather easy and was further facilitated by the team receiving a direct invite to the quarterfinals. The Russians then made quick work of Falcons, whom they had to face the same day as GODSENT as the French roster’s match was delayed. 

Following their victory over the Swedish team, C9 emerge as the favorites based on their impressive form at ESL Pro League S17. The Russian squad managed to triumph over the likes of G2, Outsiders, and MOUZ on their way to the grand final. C9’s march towards the victory and the grand prize of $165 000 was made easier because several unexpected setbacks eliminated other favorites like and BIG in the quarter-final stage of the event. 

Although C9 could not go up against VP and BIG, they had to tackle GODSENT who started their tournament in the Swiss group. The Swedish squad managed to go through the opening stage of BetBoom Playlist Urbanistic with just one lost map. GODSENT managed to keep the same good performance through the playoffs, managing to defeat HEET and BIG on their way to meet C9.

Unfortunately for the Swedes, the team seems to have run out of steam, because they lost two straight maps against C9. GODSENT struggled particularly on the offense on Overpass, managing to post just one round before ending the map 9-16. The Swedish team showed better performance on the second map, Ancient, thanks in large part to Joel “?joel?” Holmlund who scored a 1.58 rating. Unfortunately, his efforts were not enough, so C9 took the map 16-12 and the match 2-0.

Cloud9 will now face whoever comes out victorious from the match on Sunday between MOUZ and FORZE.

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