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Published: April 7, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The news comes shortly after the organization changed owners
  • The players plan to stick together for the time being while searching for a new organization
  • They are already at the top of the ESL Impact North America group with a 5-0 record

CGL Red released all of its players, but the pros decided they will go through the rest of ESL Impact League Season 3 together.

CLG Parts Ways With Its Players

Sometimes esports organizations release players en masse as a prelude to a greater restructuring. This is what is going on with CLG as they recently released their entire women’s CS:GO roster, CLG Red, fueling more credibility to the rumors that CLG is going to shut down after it changed ownership. All of the players, along with their coach, have announced they are now free agents in search of a new organization. 

The news comes as somewhat of a surprise to many, as CLG has been a part of the womens’ CS:GO since 2015, with Mounira “?GooseBreeder?” Dobie spending almost five years as the team’s longest-stranding member. Additionally, CLG Red is at the top of the ESL Impact North America group with a 5-0 record, making it even stranger as to why the higher-ups would decide to release a very successful team. 

Naturally, CLG Red’s former players and staff are not happy about the situation, many saying they have lost the opportunity to play in a supportive squad. “And as soon as I signed to CLG I realized it was more than that, it was truly a family. I’ve never felt more welcomed to be myself, or supported to grow myself as a person/player,” wrote Marissa “madss” Dasta in a Twitlonger explaining her future plans. 

Despite the situation, madss stated that she is going to continue to be a part of the CG:GO ecosystem. “I plan to continue to inspire women in the community and show them they’re accepted for who they are. And I hope to one day inspire and show everyone that women can compete at high levels amongst men in the industry,” she wrote. 

CGL Red’s former roster plans to stick together for the time being. Mounira “GooseBreeder” Dobie, the squad’s captain, said that the girls plan to participate in the rest of ESL Impact League Season 3 together. The team has already started well in the season, so they do not want to see all their hard work go to waste. 

That being said, GooseBreeder also stated that a full breakup of the roster is not necessarily out of the question. “Depending on what comes our way may change how this roster looks in the following months. All the girls are free agents & they can do as they please but we want to give it a try together,” she explained. 

CGL Red’s now-former roster is now all on the free agents market:

  • Mounira “?GooseBreeder?” Dobie
  • Vivienne “?BiBiAhn?” Quach
  • Kelsie “?uhKelsie?” Click
  • Coline “?Kaoday?” Le Floc’h
  • Marissa “?madss?” Dasta

Viktor “?flashie?” Tamás Bea (coach)

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