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Published: June 8, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, a football club from Brazil, will once again field esports teams 
  • The team disappeared from the competitive scene since March when its E-Flix eSports licensing contract was terminated
  • Cruzeiro will now receive entertainment company 7W’s help to establish rosters for five different esports

Brazilian football club Cruzeiro Esporte Clube will play esports again with 7W’s help and KlashX’s sponsorship. 

Cruzeiro Back on the Digital Field

Brazil has had a fast-growing esports ecosystem in recent times. Because of this, Cruzeiro Esporte Clube will be rushing back to esports after its leave in March. The team will now return with the help of entertainment company 7W and will field teams across five different esports.

Cruzeiro is a Brazilian football club based in Belo Horizonte. The team was established in 1921 and recently celebrated its 100th birthday. In 2019 Cruzeiro created its esports division in partnership with esports management brand E-Flix eSports. However, the agreement with E-Flix was terminated in March, leaving Cruzeiro out of the scene for several months. 

Cruzeiro has struck a new deal with Brazilian entertainment company 7W and will now return to the digital field. Moreover, the team will be supported by betting platform KlashX’s sponsorship

In a release from Esports Insider, it was announced that Cruzeiro will now field teams across five esports titles, namely:

  • FIFA
  • PES
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Garena Free Fire

Cruzeiro Envisions Growth 

Cruzeiro Futebol Clube’s director of marketing and innovation, Rodrigo Moreira, excitedly shared that even without recent activities, Cruzeiro’s esports channel has reached 150,000 followers. Moreira looks forward to the club living up to fans’ expectations and to growing Cruzeiro’s name even more.

Moreira also mentioned an ongoing issue with Cruzeiro’s former benefactor E-Flix: According to Moreira, E-Flix appropriated a spot in The Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends, which was originally earned by Cruzeiro before E-Flix parted ways with the club. The director of marketing and innovation promises that legal measures will be taken. 

Moreira revealed additional details about the partnership with KlashX. The betting platform reached the team soon after the E-Flix contract was no more. 

 “They wanted to be part of the Brazilian Market, and we presented to KlashX a solid presentation of the new project. Besides Cruzeiro Esports still being a new organization, Cruzeiro itself is a strong brand, but most companies see football clubs coming into Esports as ‘adventurers,’ that’s why we projected a solid structure to present for the partners,” Moreira explained. 

The director of marketing teased that the club is focusing on establishing a strong network of partners and streamers but did not reveal any other names. 

Brazil has fertile soil for esports, and numerous organizations have been noticing that potential. Betway recently consolidated its presence, thereby launching the Betway Squad initiative. 

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