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Published: April 30, 2021

Written by: Kyamil Nasuf

  • Coinbase joins CS.Money and Red Magic as an official BLAST Rising sponsor
  • The crypto exchange has been supporting BLAST Premier for a while now
  • Crypto is a new opportunity for companies to capitalize on tech-savvy esports audiences

Coinbase has joined two more companies to sponsor the upcoming BLAST Premier series which will feature 20 of the most promising CS:GO teams.

Crypto Exchange Coinbase to Sponsor BLAST Rising

Coinbase continues to build up its presence in competitive video gaming and the cryptocurrency exchange is following up on its partnership with North American esports powerhouse Evil Geniuses by stepping in as BLAST Rising’s platform alongside CS.MONEY and Red Magic.

BLAST Rising will feature branding and IP from each company as part of various marketing initiatives, including in-game promotions, giveaways and coverage. Both Coinbase and CS.MONEY already have existing partnerships with BLAST Premier, the main rights holder.

Commenting on this development, BLAST brand partnerships head Oliver Clarke said that the organization was grateful to have attracted more partners, as this year’s format is expanding from the traditional 16 teams to 24.

The event is hosted by Fantasyexpo, a Polish gaming agency that is heavily involved with the Counter-Strike competitive scene at home and in Europe. Clarke had this to add:

“With BLAST Rising returning for a second year after the success of the first event, we’re delighted that Coinbase, CS.MONEY and Red Magic are joining us and building on their association with BLAST Premier.”

The event has already revealed its groups, featuring some of the best up-and-coming competitive squads. The event will start on May 3 and run through May 23. This is not the first time a cryptocurrency company endorsed esports events.

Apart from Coinbase’s own well-established track record with esports companies and organizations, rival exchange Gemini revealed the GEMINI AMONG US  initiative designed to introduced esports fans to

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