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Published: June 14, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • BLAST Premier has teamed up with Bondly for some compelling new gamification options in the form of NFTs
  • The tournament host is hoping to engage with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans in new and entertaining ways
  • The NFT chicks will be going up for $18 a pop and be available in various worthwhile combinations 

BLAST Premier and Bondly are teaming up to bring the iconic CS:GO chickens to fans through NFT gamification options. 

BLAST Premier Brings CS:GO Chickens to the Realm of NFTs 

What came first, the chicken or the egg? BLAST Premier doesn’t mean to probe the big philosophical questions that concern poultry, but rather, the organization is exploring a new avenue of opportunity with Bondly, a software company that delivers non-fungible tokes for brands.

Through a newly-forged partnership, the pair of companies is looking to introduce to fans Counter-Strike’s popular mascot, the chicken. Well, the poultry Bondly and BLAST are teaming up for will have distinct character traits and a unique look.

Armed to the beak with various guns and posing in cool positions, the chickens will be available starting on Tuesday, June 15. The BLAST NFTs will be sold at a starting price of $18 and prove a great option for any fan who seeks to engage with the company further. 

The chickens will come in two teams, Team Red and Team Blue, and each team will consist of three chicken characters, which can be combined and upgraded to create a distinct gamification feel. 

NFT owners will be able to use the unique BondSwap feature to further enhance the experience by blending together multiple tokens. Thanks to a Proof of Stake mechanism, Bondly is also much more environmentally friendly and will allow BLAST to generate NFTs that are carbon positive. 

Finding New Ways to Engage with CS:GO Fans

Speaking of the partnership, BLAST Head of Merchandise Faye Marlborough said that the organization was excited to welcome this new opportunity and create a fun, accessible, and affordable model and making sure that the NFTs are an experience rather than a product. 

“We’re excited to work with Bondly to help navigate us through our first venture into NFTs, their technology and expertise will ensure a simple, environmentally aware, and enjoyable introduction into the world of NFTs for our community,” Marlborough stated. 

Bondly has been tied to many successful NFT projects, including for renowned faces in the entertainment industry such as Logan Paul. 

Now, the company is helping esports companies get through the front door.

Bondly CEO of Sports Jack Flaherty said that the chicken tokens were cleverly picked to extend the feeling of competition “beyond the tournament.” Flaherty said that Bondly has succeeded in creating the “first NFT swap-based gamification experience for esports fans.”

BLAST is hardly the only company to explore this option as and Flashpoint, another Counter-Strike league, announced that it is launching digital collectibles with NFTs and physical versions. 

WePlay, another excellent tournament production company, revealed the c0ll3ct1bl3s NFTs in partnership with Binance and not least Gemini and Gen.G teamed up for educational series on crypto and blockchain. 

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