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Published: May 27, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Fatih “⁠gob b⁠” Dayik has left BIG’s roster days before the IEM Dallas
  • Assistant coach kakafu has temporarily taken over the role of head coach
  • The team’s mixed results in recent months are the likely reason for this move

BIG has parted ways with long-standing member gob b who was the head coach since 2022 and was also one of its founding players in 2017.

Gob B Leaves BIG

Today marks the start of the Intel Masters Extreme Dallas 2024 Counter-Strike 2 tournament, but German esports org BIG will be attending without their long-time coach Fatih “⁠gob b⁠” Dayik. This is because, on Friday, the team announced it was removing the 36-year-old from the position of head coach.

Gob B’s removal from the coaching position comes following BIG’s run at the ESL Pro League where the team had a somewhat mixed performance. The organization thanked gob b for his time spend in the role and appointed assistant coach Alexander “⁠kakafu⁠” Szymanczyk as head coach, at least for the time being.

It’s unknown if the decision to remove gob b from the position was entirely mutual as the now ex-coach stated that he had been working on various projects ahead of the recent development. “Our last goal was the EPL playoffs, which we achieved. With this knowledge, I was of course already working on further plans and analyses and was accordingly shocked when this change was initiated by the majority of the players,” he wrote in a recent post on Twitter.

It also doesn’t seem that he is quite happy about the decision as he stated he needed to “process the current feelings and need some time to recover from this,” in a follow-up post.

The Coach Leaves a Legacy

A major chapter in BIG’s history comes to an end with the removal of gob b from the team. He first joined BIG in 2017 as one of the founding members. He represented the organization across three different stints in Counter-Strike, one as a player and two as a coach.

During his time as a player for BIG, gob b attended four Majors and made the playoffs twice, at PGL Major Krakow 2017 and FACEIT Major 2018. Following that, he retired from Counter-Strike to pursue a career in VALORANT, but stayed involved in the previous field as a coach for BIG Academy. However, in 2022, gob b returned in full to competitive CS, helping his team reach No. 7 in the world rankings and winning the online Roobet Cup 2022.

Unfortunately, BIG has not been performing so well in recent months. The team cycled through many players since the beginning of 2024 and it seems gob b was just another victim of these changes.

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